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Organize your Oscar Charts

When looking for help an need to show your charts, many of those that provide support are looking for specific graphs in the charts you provide. Many of the other graphs are not all that useful.

How to order the charts

When you start Oscar and select Daily view, you will see a page with information on the left, and charts on the right.

Each chart has a name displayed on it vertically on the left side of the chart.

Drag the Oscar window to use as much of your screen as you can, so that you can get as much info as possible.

You can move a chart up or down in the order by pointing your mouse pointer in the label part of the chart, left clicking and holding while moving the mouse up or down.


Suggested Support Order for your charts

  • Event Flags
  • Flow Rate
  • Pressure
  • Leak Rate
  • Flow Limit (Only for Resmed machines, not on Respironics)

Below these charts, you can organize the remainder any way you want. We normally don't need, or want, to see those, because they end up scrunching up the charts we do want to see.

Left Side Calendar Off

On the left side, we want to see the calendar collapsed as monthly display is not of interest and it will end up hiding other info that will be wanted. We also want the right panel turned off, because it needlessly compresses the charts.

If you are using the F12 or screen shot function, it will automatically minimize the calendar and turn off the right panel for you and return it back to what it was set to when done.

You can hit F9 and F10 to turn off the calendar and right panel, or use the arrow for the calendar as shown below.


You should have the slide for the left side up so that you see the big AHI in orange at the top.

Adjusting height of graphs

You should also adjust the height of the graphs by pointing your mouse at the border of a graph and then moving the mouse up or down.


Example Screen

When you are done, your screen would look something like:


Screen Shot of your Oscar Screen

So, you want to share your chart with someone, or perhaps just take a snapshot to keep for later viewing...

Take the Screenshot

Now, you can use the F12 function button to take the snapshot OR, you can select it from the menu similarly like the full screen function like:


Use Multiple Monitors?
Oscar's Screen Shot function will take the primary monitors contents, not the secondary monitor.

Where did it save it?

When done, you normally will get a bubble notice at the bottom of the screen which says where the file is saved. it will be saved with a timestamp for a file so that if you do it again, the next file will use the current time as the filename and won't overwrite the previous files.


The filename will something like: screenshot-20150203-104419.png

Where it gets saved depends on what folder you setup for the data. Inside that folder is another folder called screenshots like:


You will then open up the screenshots folder and you will find all the screen shots you have made using Oscar.


If you click on the most recent screen shot image, your computer should pop it up and show it to you. Might be in a browser window or in some graphics utility depending on what is installed on your computer.

Share your Screenshot

First and foremost, Do Not Shrink your Images! It makes them difficult, if not impossible to read the numbers on them when they're blown up enough to view.

Using the forum itself

Most images can be directly attached to posts, by using the 'Attachments' tab at the bottom of posts. However, if you want to post more than three images, or your images are too large, you can use imgur.

Using imgur to post your Charts

So, you have a chart or large image you want to share on a Forum, but there is a limit to the size of the file you can upload.

Instead, upload the file to Imgur, and then link that image to the forum.

When using Imgur, you can upload your large images and get a combination thumbnail and link to the full resolution image at the same time to post to a forum.

You don't need an Imgur account, though to use the more advanced features below, you should create one.

Getting to the Website

The Website URL is:

When you arrive, with an account or not, you will see an upload selection at the top of the page:


Selecting How to Upload

Most will just use Browse to find the image they want to share. If you have the image already available, you could just drag it to the upload area too..


Finding the Image on your computer

If you are browsing, locate the image you want to share on your computer and then select it...


Uploading your selections

After you have select the image(s), you can then tell the system to upload the image


Getting the codes needed to post it

To then post the image on a forum, you need to select the size you want and then copy the code to post it for the forum.

You can do that by looking at the sample below.

Note: that you are selecting Large thumbnail and then the linked BBCode for posting on the forum.


Resulting Link

The Resulting code you get will look something like below:


This will allow you to show a thumbnail of your image with a link to the full resolution image at the same time.

Link to image only, not album...

You can change the URL used for the link slightly so that clicking on the image will show just the image, not the Imgur full page with the image.



To the first section ending in the png, gif or jpg format you used to upload with like:

Which ends up looking like:


In memory of (and largely copied from) our own Krelvin, gone on to that great forum in the sky, December 11, 2016. Rest in Peace.