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Nasal Aire II Modifications

by Babette, 07/06/07

Here are some links to how to wear the Nasal Aire II, as requested by other forum members: (Scroll down to the bottom for several helpful videos)

I decided I didn't need the headgear that came with it, and attached my NAII directly to my chinstrap:

I sleep on my side, both sides actually, and can mash my face into my pillow with no difficulties. I do not have any leaks, and the tubing is perfectly comfortable to sleep on.

Others have said the noise is worse than any other interface. I have found all interfaces noisy, and have gotten used to the noise. I like the "white noise" factor because it keeps the neighbor-noise at bay.

Your mileage may vary. I say, if you're a side sleeper, this is the best interface available. I've tried nearly all the pillows interfaces, and everytime I rolled, the pillows slid off my nose. I have NO leaks with this mask, it doesn't give me any pain or cause facial red marks, it's perfectly comfortable and doesn't pull my nose or rub my upper lip raw.