Eye problems from mask?

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Re: Eye problems from mask?

Post by nobody » Wed Sep 16, 2009 8:30 pm

pagebypage wrote:
I have had the same problem. The eye doctor says I have developed blepharitis (an irritation of the eyelids somewhat like dandruff) from the leaking air blowing across my eyes, so I now have to do an eyewash every day. If not treated, the ducts may get clogged and cause frequent sties or other infections. You obviously have the wrong size or type of mask for your face.
I have that too! I found something that really helps a lot...I went bought a mascara kit, one with the brush outside the mascara bottle so it's a clean brush. I use a warm salt water solution and swish the brush around in it then carefully clean my eye lashes with it (you could also add some a couple drops of baby shampoo to the solution). I found that the best brush to use is one of the silicone ones because the bristles are softer than other mascara brushes but firm enough to run through the lashes to clean them. After that is done I use the eye washing cup and salt water solution to rinse everything. Then I use the nutrogena soap (the fragrance free bar soap) to clean my eye lashes with my fingers. That soap will sting a little bit if you get it into your eyes, but not much and I've found it really works the best for cleaning for blepharitis, much better than the baby shampoo, the nutrogena will not dry your eye out even more if you get some in your eyes. Then I splash water on to rinse and use the eye wash cup again to rinse everything really well. This has worked really well for me and the blepharitis has toned way down and I don't have to do nearly so much maintenance on it now.