CPAP Interviews

Respironics C-Flex, Remstar Auto with C-Flex, Remstar Pro 2 with C-Flex Interview
Select Respironics' REMstar devices incorporate our patented C-Flex technology. C-Flex addresses one of the main obstacles to patient compliance: pressure intolerance. C-Flex lowers the pressure level at the beginning of exhalation, returning to set p

Review: Hybrid Universal Full Face Mask
The release of the Hybrid mask was highly anticipated by the sleep apnea community, as an innovative solution to common difficulties with existing cpap masks, including mouth leaks, mask comfort, and problems with large, unwieldy interfaces. Teleflex was

Interview: Fisher & Paykel Opus Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask
Fisher and Paykel has added an impressive little nasal pillow system to its ever improving CPAP mask portfolio. We asked their Homecare Product Manager, about the Opus and the future of mask development.

Interview: BreatheX Battery Powered CPAP Machine
Tom Hoffman answers questions on the launch of the new Hoffman Labs CPAP, the BreatheX.

Interview: Respironics M Series Plus
This interview focuses on the new Respironics M Series Plus as well release details of the soon to be released M Series Pro and M Series Auto.

AEIOmed Everest Battery Powered CPAP Interview
There is a new kid on the block and their CPAP is battery powered! This interview discussed everything battery power means to CPAP as well as the unit as a whole.

Review: Respironics ComfortLite2 Nasal Interface
Ted "the Titrator" had a lot of reviewing to do with the new Respironics ComfortLite 2 CPAP Mask as users can choose two of three interface attachment options. Ted loves the pillows, but talks about other options as well. Read on for the full review.

Conference Review and Pictures: Denver APSS
The Associated Professional Sleep Societies Conference, or APSS, is the yearly Sleep Meeting. Approximately 5,500 Doctors, Sleep Lab Administrators, Manufacturers, Drug Companies, DMEs and even a few patients make it out to discuss the latest sleep develo

Respironics Comfort Curve Nasal Interface Interview
Respironics discusses what could well turn into a whole new genre of CPAP Interface, the ComfortCurve. This offering represents a Respironics attack on high end, user tested and targeted, lightweight CPAP Masks.

User Review: Respironics Comfort Curve by Mikesus
Mikesus has found a new favorite mask! However, the Comfort Curve has somewhat of a learning curve. In this review, Mikesus walks us through his efforts with this new genre of CPAP mask and gives some handy tips which will help new comers to the mask to a

User Review (Derek): Respironics Encore Pro Software
Derek offers an in depth account of how to use Encore Pro software. It includes pictures! It is also broken up into well organized sections: Installation and Set-Up, Using Encore Pro, Detailed Daily Therapy Report, Long Term Compliance Report, My Personal

User Review (Titrator): Aura CPAP Patient Inferface
Ted "The Titrator" Nugent takes a look at a new offering from AEIOmed, the upstart that has the sleep community talking.

User Review (Rested Gal): Respironics Auto with C-Flex
Rested Gal offers her take on how adding C-Flex to the Remstar Auto has changed it. Her findings: it has turned a good machine into a "cadillac comfort".

User Review (Wading Thru The Muck!): Respironics Auto with C-Flex
This user review addresses 'Waders' own personal experiences and opinions. It also covers important information like what each of the four operating modes means to CPAP treatment, the auto-adjusting feature and C-Flex. It wraps up with a list of features

Puritan Bennett GoodKnight 425 Bi-Level Interview
Bilevel devices differ from CPAP devices in that bilevels switch back and forth between two pressure levels, one higher and one lower, rather than providing one continuous pressure level. The pressure upon inhalation is higher to hold the airway open, but

Wading Thru the Muck: Review Hoffman Laboratories BreatheX CPAP Machine
Wading Through The Muck's review of the new BreatheX CPAP Machine.

Mike Moran's Review: Hoffman Labs BreatheX CPAP Machine
Mike Moran takes the new BreathEx CPAP machine for a trial run. Since he is not much for road travel, he takes it around around the house!

Rested Gal Review: Hoffman Labs BreatheX CPAP Machine
Rested Gal trials the new BreatheX CPAP machine with mixed results.

NeverSleeps Review: Hoffman Laboratories BreatheX CPAP Machine
Neversleep's review of the new BreatheX CPAP Machine

Fisher and Paykel HC604 Thermo Smart Technology
ThermoSmart is the coolest technology you've never heard of. It comes standard on HC604 CPAP machines and prevents rain out by auto adjusting the temperature of humidified air in the CPAP hose. This interview explains the concept and practical application