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Comfort Lite 2 Nasal Interface


In March 2004, Respironics introduced the original ComfortLite Nasal Interface. Met with mixed reviews, the original ComfortLite was moderately accepted, but had design issues that CPAP users readily voiced on Internet message boards from Poughkeepsie to Pacoima.

Fast forward two years to March 2006. Respironics ships the, “New and Improved” ComfortLite 2. While opening the package, the question in my mind was “Did they listen to patient feedback when re-designing the ComfortLite 2?” The answer, a resounding yes!

First Impressions

The case for the ComfortLite 2 is the same zippered, gray mesh bag that comes with the ComfortCurve interface, but smaller. Since the ComfortLite 2 can use any 22 mm standard cpap hose, it fits nicely into a smaller version of the mesh bag. This is a positive when packing for a trip.

The original ComfortLite had a crown like headgear that was hard to keep in place and made you look like some sort of ancient Egyptian dignitary.

There are several available configurations to order the ComfortLite 2. It can be ordered in a combination of the Simple Cushion, Direct Seal, and Pillows. The combination I used for this review is the M/L Simple Cushion and Pillows.

The Simple Cushion is like a cup like cushion, the Direct Seal is a nasal prong style attachment, and the Pillows are like a nasal pillows found on the Resmed Swift and the Puritan Bennett Breeze Sleepgear.

The ComfortLite 2 headgear straps are light blue and are made of a stretchy neoprene. The same material used in the ComfortCurve headgear. It secures with Velcro and has ample room to spare to accommodate people with smaller heads.

There are a total of three connection points for the straps to connect to the crown piece. The top, front, and the middle connection point. Since there are two straps you get to choice which of the loops you to use. I have been using the front and middle connection points to secure to the crown piece.

The crown piece is made of thin and durable plastic. As you tighten the headgear the crown piece will bend, just a little to the shape your forehead. Soft foam padding is sewn onto the bottom of the crown piece for a comfortable fit.

The center of the crown piece has been cut out, making the footprint on your hairline smaller than its competitors. The sideways part across the front of my hairline has disappeared since using the ComfortLite 2. For all the people who have suffered from hair dents, this could be the mask for you.

The crown swivel connector, "Elbow", on the top of your head has been moved forward and secured with a Velcro strap. This is a major improvement from the original interface

Fitting and Wearing

There is a vertical tube dial adjustment that moves the nose attachment up and down, while the angular adjustment moves the nasal attachment closer or farther away from your face. Between these adjustments, it was easy to achieve, and sustain a good seal, no matter what position I slept.

The pillow attachment has a vertical and horizontal bendable metal band like its predecessor. This allows the user to fine-tune the pillows to angle just right. The simple cushion does not have this feature, but does have a small flap style surface that fills up with air and helps get a good seal.

The ComfortLite 2 is generally quiet, but the exhaust still comes out the front slightly pointed upward. This may be a disappointment for those looking for more snuggle time with the better half.

I personally prefer the pillows to the simple cushion, but I am predisposed to pillows, since I am a huge fan of nasal pillows interfaces.


Respironics has made a giant step forward in mask comfort and design.

I find the ComfortLite 2 to be light and extremely comfortable to wear. Side-sleeping is easy, and I don't wake up having to adjust the seal or headgear. Since I started wearing this mask, I have not used anything but the ComfortLite 2. It has become my favorite mask.

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