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General Discussion on any topic relating to CPAP and/or Sleep Apnea.
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LINKS to surgery, turbinates, Pillar, TAP experiences

Postby rested gal on Fri May 13, 2005 2:16 pm

Check out these excellent articles from links posted in August 2005 by sleepydave on the ASAA message board:

"Surgery and OSA - Pro and Con Debate
There's a great Pro and Con debate in this months' issue of Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine that is as good a state of the art summary as you can find, given by two icons in the field."

Upper Airway Surgery Does Have a Major Role in the Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea by Nelson Powell MD

Upper Airway Surgery Does Not Have a Major Role in the Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea by Barbara Phillips MD

Links below go to discussion topics on message boards:

Pillar Procedure and TAP Dental Device: Topics containing PaulY and Sleepy Stoboy's excellent posts about the Pillar Procedure (3 small inserts placed in the soft palate) and the TAP dental device ("Thornton Adjustable Positioner", a removable device worn in mouth while sleeping to hold lower jaw forward and open the airway more.)

Direct link to Dental Sleep Medicine message board on TAS

Direct link to PaulY's PSG studies before and after the Pillar Implants and TAP device (posted on osaforum/com under the nickname pyounan)

More topics about Pillar and TAP:

Dec 19 2005 subject: Info for Dizzy's benefit - Hard data on Pillar/Dental Combo

Dec 11, 2005 subject: Pillar surgery

Dec 04 2005 subject: Hard Data for Pillar Success/Finding Alternatives to CPAP

Dec 02, 2005 subject: Which hospital to titrate @?

Nov 30 2005 subject: Alternatives do exist and they sometimes work for some folks

Nov 25 2005 subject: Why do Those on CPAP attack Those who found alternatives

Nov 24 2005 subject: Why didn't my Pillar cure my snoring?

Sep 28 2005 subject: piller surgery

Sep 07 2005 subject: UARS & Insurance

Sep 09 2005 subject: pillar and septo/turb

Sep 07 2005 subject: Dental appliances CAN treat severe apnea

Sep 03 2005 subject: How many were given other options than CPAP

Aug 23 2005 subject: CPAP the cornerstone of OSA treatment

Aug 18 2005 subject: pillar regression

Aug 17 2005 subject: Pillar vs UPPP, desperate for advice

Aug 13 2005 subject: Botched Pillar Procedure?

Aug 11 2005 subject: Continuing Problem with NO end in sight

Jul 14 2005 subject: Had pillar today

Jul 14 2005 subject: Pillar Coming Out

Jul 01 2005 subject: Sleep study after Pillar & Silent Nite- Goodby to CPAP

Jun 30, 2005 subject: Insurance reimbursement for Pillar starting to happen

Jun 22 2005 subject: pillar procedure newbie ( long)

Jun 21 2005 subject: Does sleeping positions effect Apnea

Jun 16 2005 subject: Getting off of CPAP


Jun 09, 2005 subject: GOOD ENT IN THE TWIN CITIES??

Jun 03 2005 subject: Pillars - Insurance Denied Claim

Jun 03 2005 subject: just had the pillar

May 30 2005 subject: Somnoplasty vs Pillar vs UUUP?

May 24 2005 subject: pillar procedure scheduled questions

May 23 2005 subject: LAUP vs Pillar?

May 18 2005 subject: similar to "Cost of my Pillar procedure $1500"

May 07 2005 subject: Pillar Success Stories

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May 04 2005 subject: pillar procedure

Sat, Feb 27 2005 subject: Open Letter to Restore Medical

Sat, Feb 26 2005 subject: Drumroll Please - Here is your Pillar Implant Pre and Post S

Feb 22 2005 subject: Pillar surgery

Jan 31 2005 subject: Pillar and GA(tongue advancement)

Nov 29 2004 subject: Snoring Questions


Nasal Turbinate, Septoplasty, and Sinus surgery experiences: Note especially the posts by snork1 - he had extensive nasal/sinus surgery to make breathing through his nose much easier while using CPAP.

Feb 09, 2007 subject: Septoplasty done topic posted by JeffH

Jan 31, 2007 subject: Septoplasty yesterday topic posted by dataq1

Jan 17, 2007 subject: Turbinates jskinner posts link to emptynosesyndrome.org/turbinate.html

Jan 22 2006 subject: Am I Recovering Correctly? Just Had Nasal Surgery

Jan 21, 2006 subject: Barbeques

Dec 12, 2005 subject: septoplasty and turbinate surgery

Nov 26, 2005 subject: Somnoplasty

Oct 04 2005 subject: Surgery Recovery Time

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Aug 30 2005 subject: Opinions on nasal somnoplasty...

Aug 30 2005 subject: Just had a septoplasty and partial turbinectomy . . .

Aug 26 2005 subject: septo turb

Aug 24 2005 subject: septo/turb tommorrow

Aug 16 2005 subject: coblation vs somnoplasty

Aug 12 2005 subject: septoplasty/turb reduction

Aug 04 2005 subject: post operative swelling

Aug 04 2005 subject: Just had UPPP, Tonsil, Septoplasty, and Turbinate Reduction

Aug 02 2005 subject: had surgeries

Jul 30, 2005 subject: CPAP and Sinus Surgery

Jul 15 2005 subject: Anyone tried surgery?

Jul 13 2005 subject: just had surgery

Jul 01 2005 subject: Septoplasty and Turbinoplasty - 1 week later

Jun 26 2005 subject: Sinuses

Jun 21 2005 subject: Turbinate reduction options

Jun 21 2005 subject: Seeking Septoplasty support

Jun 08 2005 subject: Surgery Questions, esp. Picking a Doc

Jun 04 2005 subject: sleep apnea surgery

May 27 2005 subject: Update on septoplasty and turbinate reduction and tips

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May 12 2005 subject: Operation over - phase one begins

May 07 2005 subject: Surgery coming up Wednesday

May 11 2005 subject: Relief for chronic stuffed nose-Goodby flonase

Apr 27 2005 subject: Nasal Surgery coming up. Question

Mar 01 2005 subject: Turbinate Cautery

Feb 28 2005 subject: Need "roter rooter" on nose, $$ extra for reducing

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Feb 05 2005 subject: Help please, first few days, Sinus issues

Feb 04 2005 subject: Surgery scheduled for Thursday

Jan 14 2005 subject: new apnea patient

Jan 10 2005 subject: how to decide

Dec 18 2004 subject: sinus headaches

Dec 15 2004 subject: Full face mask for colds- bad for AHI

Nov 20 2004 subject: Nose Sprays or Nasal Surgery to help CPAP ?

Nov 22 2004 subject: Surgery Pros & Cons


Surgeries: UPPP MMA etc. Note particularly the very well researched, informative posts by BillinSeattle/Seattle Bill - he's been through about every surgery possible for OSA.

UPPP Ohio Sleep Medicine Institue 10% success rate?

May 11 2007 subject: OSA Surgery - What does "MMA/GA" stand for?

Jan 15 2007 subject: Day 6 through Day 46: UPPP and GA surgery

Oct 16, 2006 subject: dont know what to do-surgery or not??

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March 20 2006 subject: Surgery for thin apneac who has had OSA since childhood

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Jan 31 2006 subject: Palatal advancement + other surgeries (1 week post-op)

Jan 20 2006 subject: any mma/ga pictures??? Billinseattle???

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Dec 18 2005 subject: Help Please - Having UPPP Surgery in 2 Days!

Dec 15 2005 subject: Bill in Seattle, et al. Got braces, planning on jaw surgery

Dec 14 2005 subject: 1st Day Post-Op After UPPP, Tonsillectomy, Deviated Septum

Dec 2 2005 subject: doesn't anyone support UPPP?

Nov 18 2005 subject: New CPAP user contemplating UPPP

Oct 28, 2005 subject: UPPP Ohio Sleep Medicine Institue 10% success rate?

Sep 28 2005 subject: Billinseattle : need your help with info. please!

Sep 25 2005 subject: When Do You Call It " QUITS! "

Sep 13, 2005 subject: Tonsillectomy (sp?)

Sep 01 2005 subject: What questions should I ask my doc about surgery?

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Aug 04 2005 subject: Just had UPPP, Tonsil, Septoplasty, and Turbinate Reduction

Jul 26 2005 subject: 6 months after MMA/GA ...Wheew !

Jul 15 2005 subject: Anyone tried surgery?

Jul 13 2005 subject: just had surgery

Jul 03 2005 subject: Mayo Clinic - Interesting article

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Jun 19 2005 subject: UPPP anyone?

Jun 15 2005 subject: I had the surgery, still having problems

Jun 03, 2005 subject: surgical approach to OSA

May 30 2005 subject: Somnoplasty vs Pillar vs UUUP?

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May 16 2005 subject: MMA/GA 4 months ago...

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Apr 30 2005 subject: Surgery and my throat?

Apr 24 2005 subject: Somnoplasty (Radio Freq. Tissue Reduction)

Apr 18 2005 subject: Important week, I must decide between UPPP and MMA/GA

Mar 12 2005 subject: Had UPPP and osa is back in full force

Feb 22 2005 subject: decision...surgery?

Feb 02 2005 subject: 2 weeks out from MMA/GA...whew!

Jan 22 2005 subject: Brother considering MMA surgery

Jan 12 2004 subject: surgery option experiences wanted

Dec 02 2004 subject: Has anyone out there had an MMA?
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Postby LDuyer on Fri May 13, 2005 2:20 pm

Rested Gal,

This is pretty impressive, that you've set this up with all these links.

That must have taken some time and effort.
Just one more reason I call you my hero!



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rested gal
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Postby rested gal on Fri May 13, 2005 2:24 pm

LOL, Linda... thanks. :D

Will be editing the post from time to time, when there's a buildup of more links to add.

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Postby neversleeps on Sat Aug 27, 2005 12:38 pm


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Postby neversleeps on Wed Aug 31, 2005 10:01 pm


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Postby BP on Thu Sep 01, 2005 8:39 pm

rested gal, wow my hands are tired just looking at that post. Great links. I read the pro and con articles. My favorite excerpts:

On describing uppp outcomes Dr. Phillips writes:

Another typical example of a surgical report on the effectiveness of UPPP for sleep apnea is a report of death rates for veterans with sleep apnea who were treated with a variety of self-selected measures in
which the authors conclude “UPPP confers a survival advantage
over CPAP….”. In the same abstract, the authors admit, “However,
we were unable to adjust for sleep apnea severity or CPAP
use.” Since very few ethical surgeons perform UPPP on patients with anything other than very mild apnea or heavy snoring, this
statement is somewhat like reiterating the clinical truism that sicker patients are more likely to die!

OWWWWWWW!! That stings!!!

And this was something I didn't realize:

For example, the Sleep Heart Health Study demonstrated that
most of the increase in the adverse cardiac sequellae of SDB
occurs between AHI’s of 0 and 10 events/hour.

Can't wait to use my 420e to determine this. :D

Thanks for the great post,


Postby billinseattle on Fri Sep 02, 2005 1:03 pm

Wow, this is neat.

Rested Gal, you're a real computer wiz...I'm glad I found this site.


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Postby cillakat on Sun Dec 10, 2006 11:34 am

thank you so much r_g. it's helpful beyond any thanks I can convey to you. i am a researcher by nature and already have my areas of expertise. i am happy to rely on others expertise in this arena, only becoming one as much as I need to to advocate for my dh.

smooch! to you.


Also Posted As:

Postby Guest on Tue Nov 20, 2007 4:09 am

Hi Rested_Gal,

Fantastic Links........may I know what brand of cpu processors you are using? Intel? AMD? Transmeta? I cant wait to have your reply.
You are the best!


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Postby CarrieS on Tue Nov 20, 2007 8:38 am

Thanks so much. I will likely be having surgery...someday...just not now and this is good info to go over. Im trying to hold off because I do fine with my APAP but Im a good candidate and dont want to be 90 yearold (if god lets me live that long) and messing with getting a mask on. Im on full face now anyhow and the UPPP and turbinex would be the most I got done when and if I do. I will be seeking 2nd and 3rd opinions before proceeding and theirs a good chance it wont be for years from now as I DREAD having another surgery.

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Postby Flying_Norseman on Tue Nov 20, 2007 2:17 pm

This should be a sticky. So should RG for that matter... :)

Mask Humidifier Software 
Additional Comments: APAP 10cm to 12cm C-Flex 2

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Re: LINKS to surgery, turbinates, Pillar, TAP experiences

Postby Tallen234 on Wed Oct 08, 2008 8:34 pm

Any updates on Surgical Options for SA?


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