Leaking Increasing

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Leaking Increasing

Post by MBix » Fri May 10, 2024 7:59 pm

Hi friends!

I've been trying to educate myself regarding leak rates the past few days in order to avoid making a post but I'm struggling to grasp what has been happening.

I began my CPAP journey in 2019 after my sleep study showed an AHI of 141+, I was feeling amazing after getting into the rhythm on the P10 as my goto mask. One of the main factors in seeking the sleep study was dozing off at a desk around 2pm, and of late I'm starting to feel it again. Now apologies for the lengthy post, I've noticed in the past year my leak rate being a bit iffy. This has coincided with having a gastric sleeve operation in February 2023 and I've been able to drop 60kg+

I've attached screenshots from February 7th (pre surgery) Feb 28th (few weeks after) and this week.

Some things to clarify:

- After dropping the weight my sleep doctor recommended dropping my pressure to 8, I've reverted to 14cmh20 a few times throughout the last year to test and the leaks remain
- I've replaced the mask twice in this time, the tubing twice, the humidifier chamber and even attempted without the chamber and just the side cover, the leak remains
- I am definitely a mouth breather at times during the night, to the point I've caused issues with my front teeth forming a gap apparently because of tongue thrusting, I often tape my mouth now of a night, including the May screenshot

I know starting to feel crummy again may very well be unrelated to Sleep Apnea and my CPAP use, but I thought it was a good starting point to see if there's anything I'm missing. I have ordered another brand (BMC P2) Nasal Pillow mask which is due in a couple weeks to test out, but for now hoping for some tips possibly. I apologise if I've not included the correct screenshot formatting or left out some information.

Thanks for all the great work this community provides, and to the regulars I see in a lot of posts providing so many great tips.
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