Ineffective treatment - New user here

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Ineffective treatment - New user here

Post by lCBreezyl » Wed Nov 23, 2022 4:44 pm


I'm new here and it seems like you guys have a good community going on here. I was hoping to seek some advice in regards to my sleep.

A long story short, I had a sleep study done in my local hospital a few years ago. The report states that I have an AHI 5.1, supine RDI 11.8 and there is mild snoring with flow limitation. My mean oxygen saturation was 95.7% with the lowest recorded oxygen saturation of 90%.

I've had some good success using APAP (F&P sleep style auto CPAP with N30i) for the last two years after having this sleep study done. However I have been having problems tolerating it this year (F&P sleep style auto CPAP with N30i). I end up taking it off after a couple of hours (this happens both consciously and unconsciously). However, I have been finding it not as bad to tolerate after recently getting a tonsillectomy, septoplasty and turbinoplasty. This has made my ability to breath through my nose a lot better (I usually use the N30i nasal mask). However I still don't wear my APAP machine for the whole time that I'm asleep (maybe 70% of the time on average - depending on settings, mask etc). I find that even when I use it for the majority of the night, my sleep still isn't that refreshing (its still more refreshing than not using it, but I still feel far from great).

Below my APAP report from the other night. This night was done on a resmed airsense 10 APAP while using a full face mask (F30). I didn't feel that this sleep was refreshing. ... 1380ae99f4

I suspect that I have UARS when I'm asleep sleep on my back. Any thoughts or suggestions on what's wrong with my sleep and/or how I can improve it would be much appreciated.

It should be noted that I'm 22, my BMI is 23.3 and I also have different masks and another APAP machine, as I've been trying them to see if they will make a difference in terms of comfort and sleep quality. I will state which set of equipment I am using in relation to any further APAP reports that I respond with (if needed).