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Re: Oscar vs SleepHQ

Post by hscheff » Thu Aug 04, 2022 8:08 am

I am a new CPAP user, only one week in, but being able to view my data with OSCAR combined with all the valuable advise available on this forum, has already helped me a lot. Thank you! :D
I don't see the need to upload my CPAP data to someone else's cloud platform when I have OSCAR locally on my own machine.

I assume all the old hands here are aware of the Toshiba FlashAir Wifi SD card and that it can be configured to connect to your home wifi network in station mode, but I thought I would post here anyway for other newbies like myself, who are not.

Once the SD card is connected to your wifi network, the data on the card can be downloaded via WEBDAV protocol to your PC for import to OSCAR. Raspberry PI not required, provided that your xPAP machine is not too far away from your wifi AP (the SD card's wifi signal is not strong).

AFAIK the FlashAir Wifi SD cards are not manufactured any more (guess most new digital cameras now have wifi built in).
I was fortunate to locate a brand new (sealed in the box) FlashAir W-03 card (latest version is W-04) locally at an very affordable price.
It requires some tweaking of the configuration file on the card to change it from the default AP to station mode, but Google found the how-to for me.
The data on my Resmed Airsense 10 auto is now on my wifi network for easy download to my PC and import into OSCAR, without touching the SD card. :wink:

Until now I have been downloading the data manually every morning from the wifi SD card. Not very fast, but one day's data is a small download.
However it should not be difficult to automate a daily download to a folder on the PC.
With OSCAR pointed at that folder all that is required is a click of the import button when you sit down to look at your data in OSCAR.
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