Significance of Flow Limitation

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Significance of Flow Limitation

Post by Jam905 » Thu Jan 13, 2022 9:59 am

I'm hoping someone on here can help shed some light on my data, I have a ResMed AirCurve 10 ASV. I've only used it two nights so far.
-23 y/o male, Felt fatigued and have had mental health issues all my life, ruled out basically everything and I believe its due to sleep disordered breathing from having a small jaw. I would wake up feeling as though my tongue was blocking my airway.
-Polysomnography and home test showed no OSA, no significant RERAs either. I'm sure its due to the scoring being you have to be obstructed for 10 seconds or more.
-Tried regular CPAP 6 months ago, slept well for the first time in my life for about a week, then had daytime fatigue again. However, I did not feel my tongue blocking the airway overnight anymore.
-Went on MAD, stopped CPAP when I got it. Again, for nearly 2 weeks I felt the best in my entire life. Then the problem of daytime fatigue and all other symptoms slowly came back, and this time instead of feeling my tongue blocking the airway when I woke up, I felt the blockage further down in my throat.
-Dentist suggested I might have UARS with Sleep Apnea. Which means its very hard to diagnose on a test because my airway is sensitive enough my brain arouses me with the fight or flight response as soon as my airway begins to collapse. I do feel like I wake up constantly throughout the night, but I am just so tired I immediately fall back asleep without remembering it.
-Just got the ASV as my next step. I have noticed a slight improvement since starting it. I'm going to try and have a drug induced endoscopy ASAP to get properly diagnosed, and will probably end up having MMA. If anyone has similar experiences please share!

As for my results, here was my ASV data from last night. The only thing I can tell that looks bad is the flow limitation. Does it indicate UARS? Seems frequently throughout the night I have very severe flow limitations. But I'm not sure what they mean. Can anyone provide insight, or see anything I'm missing from the data?
Thanks in advance!
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Re: Significance of Flow Limitation

Post by Pugsy » Thu Jan 13, 2022 10:13 am

No...I doubt you have UARS.
Don't worry about that slight activity on the flow limitation graph. It's well known that the ASV machines make mountains out of mole hills when it comes to reporting FLs. Yours is actually very minimal compared to some we have seen.

Besides...even if you did have UARS you are using a great machine to be dealing with it.
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