Finding the best mask can be challenging

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Finding the best mask can be challenging

Post by Tasdevil » Thu Apr 04, 2024 4:54 pm

I've been using CPAP for around 10 years now but still find the mask a challenge.

The problem with those tried recently seems to be that after a few hours, tightly wrapped to my face, the seal is softened and the seal gets broken. The subsequent air farts wake me up and have destroyed sleep as getting back to sleep at 2 or 3am does not always follow. All this has been brought to a head in the last couple of weeks when the plastic clip on the ResMed mask broke. I reverted to an older mask which sealed a lot better but its design was such it put pressure by a pastic part onto my forehead, eventually leading to bruising.

But all seems now solved with the arrival ytesterday of a new Evora full face mask from Fisher & Paykel - the first product ever used from that company. The design of this mask, for me is brilliant. It fills all the criteria I look for in a mask - 3 fittings provided so I can find the best (surpringly the smallest), comfortable without putting undues pressure on the face and a good seal all night. A bonus is the dersign leaves clear eyesight, no air blown into the eyes and the top half of my face clear to scratch my nose etc if they are itchy :-)

Finding the right mask is a very personal venture because what suits me might not suit someone e lse. We all have dufferent heads with different shapes, but I do commend you look at the Evora. It is not cheap, but then none of them are (and I wonder at the profits being made) but it does have a fundamentally different design which suits me and might suit you.


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Re: Finding the best mask can be challenging

Post by vandownbytheriver » Thu Apr 04, 2024 9:33 pm

I wanted to like the Evora... got a fit kit. Found that I can't handle anything touching the nostrils... I just feel starved for air, and the nose gets irritated.

Started with the Zest over a decade ago... moved to the Simplus... tried the Evora, the Bleep (no way!), now on the Vitera... just a little lower on the nason than the Simplus.

F&P for masks, ResMed for machines. Not the 11!

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Re: Finding the best mask can be challenging

Post by RodW » Sat Jun 01, 2024 9:30 pm

New user here. I agree. In my experience, finding the right mask was / is a much bigger challenge than finding the right machine. I've spent a small fortune on various masks. I think I'm getting closer, but still not perfection. I REALLY like the F&P dreamwear frame thing with the air input tube (not sure of it's technical name) at the top of the head, because I hate the tubes draping over me as I turn during the night. But the most comfortable "on the face" mask for me is the F&P Evora nasal mask. I find it extremely comfortable, even better than the fancy "solo" mask, which was also reasonably good. I just wish I could get the comfort of the Evora nasal mask cushion part in the Dreamwear "top of the head" input tube system.

I've got the resmed "top of the head" one ordered to give it a try.

It always seems that there is some compromise somewhere in the equipment!

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Re: Finding the best mask can be challenging

Post by sauerkraut » Sun Jun 02, 2024 1:21 pm

Ever think about a hose hanger ?? They make several kinds ..
Poles that mount to the bed frame or side table .. Brackets
that clip to a headboard or screw to the wall above the bed ..
Lots of choices just takes some research ..
Good Luck

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