Nose support clip for Breeze(tm) headgear

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Nose support clip for Breeze(tm) headgear

Post by jaggz » Wed Mar 31, 2021 2:56 am

This is custom made for my wife. It likely won't fit other people very well, and as any of you using the Breeze know, they discontinued the product. I figured I'd share this in case it's inspirational.
I designed and 3d printed a clip that snaps onto the breeze for the times my wife wants the extra air seal. This is one video showing some recent changes I made (can be very boring. Jump to about 3m in for when the excitement begins). The video is mostly for users who use Blender free 3d software to see some of the steps I'm going through to work on this design.
Again, skip to about 3m in to skip the time I spend working on the thickness of the little arm/spindle supports.
The final 3d printed version is in this video:
(I highly recommend you see some of the first video to get bored and build suspense so the next one makes sense... :) .. )

Lastly, I've also been working on some 3d designs for replacement shells and parts to replace the discontinued Breeze headgear. I have some videos on my youtube channel for that. We ALMOST have working final versions. She's been able to use them for a few days straight before she has to go back to our aging breeze shells.

I don't know if any of this is interesting to anyone, but feel free to contact me at if it is. I'm thinking I'll put the models out there for anyone to print, but it does require a bit of effort. The prints are pretty easy, but I print in ABS then Acetone-vapor smooth them.

Anyway, take care!