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by woolno
Mon Sep 25, 2017 1:58 pm
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Topic: Resmed N20 mask
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Resmed N20 mask

I use a Resmed N20 mask ( male ), and I have excellent AHI in the morning, and perfect seals on my nose. My question is this - even with the mask fitting perfectly, I still feel that my nasal passages are stuffed in the morning. I have adjusted my humidity and temperature, and am satisfied with them...
by woolno
Sat Sep 09, 2017 9:05 am
Forum: CPAP and Sleep Apnea Message Board
Topic: Pugsy's Pointers...SleepyHead/OSCAR Tutorial and TX Hints
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Re: Pugsy's Pointers...SleepyHead Tutorial and TX Hints

I would like to use Sleepyhead, but my new Respironics DreamStation Bipap auto su advanced apparently has a data format that cannot be read by Sleepyhead.

Any ideas? WIll a new version be coming?