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My Cat

Who Is Carolyn?

I am the marketing manager for I am also part of the family. Johnny is my husband and John is my father-in-law.

My CPAP Story

I joined in June of 2008. Sleep Apnea affected my life prior to joining My grandmother was diagnosed with sleep apnea when she was in her 70's after her second stroke. She had a very small frame and I believed went undiagnosed for many years. She also had severe arthritis. Due to her arthritis and other complication from her stroke, she decided to give up on CPAP therapy because it was too painful and she did not ask for help. She passed from another stroke not long after.

My parents were also diagnosed with sleep apnea and since starting CPAP therapy have seen many aspects of their health improve. I also have many aunts and uncles with the condition. When ever new research comes out about CPAP therapy and connections of Sleep Apnea with other conditions, I pass it onto my family to help motivate them to stay with the therapy and continue to find the right equipment that works for them.

I am a strong supporter in the amazing help cpaptalkers have given new and struggling cpap users. I also want to see better equipment developed so that cpap therapy does not require a fight to find a successful solution.

I enjoy reading all the posts on CPAPtalk. I check them every morning and evening and have on more than one occasion laughed so hard at some of the posts and replies that I was accused of making "snort-like" noises.

My Life before CPAP

I grew up in Houston, Texas. After undergrad, I moved to Austin, TX and joined Accenture. I spent the next two and half years on the road, living in Denver, Fort Collins, Cheyenne, Chicago, Madison, and St. Louis. After knowing the first names of the hotel staff of most Marriotts in those cities, I decided to get off the road.

I moved back to Houston, and went to Rice University for graduate school. In between my first and second year I was able to work at 3M looking at emerging markets, new product development, and product line extension.

In the week after finishing my internship and before starting my second year, Johnny and I got married in Red Wing, MN. We got married on a absolutely gorgeous day with the sun shining and birds singing. The next day a monsoon of freezing cold rain hit the area. We had a family reunion picnic planned which turned into an epic game of ultimate Frisbee and many of cold, wet, muddy people.

Upon graduating Johnny and I, being best friends and always wanting to work together, decided this was the best chance to try. A year and a half later, I have to say, it was a good choice.

Epic Ultimate Frisbee game

When Not Doing CPAP Stuff

I share Johnny's numbers 1, 4, and 6. Other than Being Married, Growing Food, and generally enjoying the outdoors, I also enjoy baking - particularly sweets. I developed my obsession with sweets from my father who I loved to go to the donuts shop with every Sunday morning.

As the wiki grows, I hope to read more people's wiki pages and thoughts added to the existing pages as part of my nightly CPAPtalk ritual.