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Pain on the Bridge of the Nose

edited by member Rooster and Goose

Pain or Irritation on the bridge of the nose is a common problem caused by CPAP Masks. Here are solutions other users have found:

Get a different Mask[edit]

The Hybrid and Liberty are two full face masks that do not touch the nose bridge so they solve the problem. I prefer the Hybrid and it comes with three sizes of nasal pillows and mouth cushions, so fitting is easy. - Rooster

Eventually I, too, switched to the hybrid-style masks. The Innomed Hybrid is my curent fave, but I seem to switch off with the Liberty on a regular basis. The Liberty leaks a bit more and is less comfortable, but gives me lower AHIs.- Link C.

I alternate masks every other day. UMFF one day and Soyala FFM the next. -track

Get a different headgear[edit]

PapCap II. It not only has a chin strap built in - but replaces the headgear of your mask. I have no more marks or sores on the bridge of my nose. I have always used a resmed mirage activa - but was able to try the micro nasal mask from resmed with the PapCap II which is my favorite mask now because of the small size of it. Before using the papcap II, not only did I have sores on my nose, but it leaked like crazy.- sleepyred

Modify your Mask[edit]

I got SOME relief using moleskin on the upper nose seal of various FFs. I also got a padacheek "flap" made just for that purpose for my ComfortGel FF. Worked better than the moleskin with far less hassle.

I use a full face mask with a gasket made of thin knit well washed 100% cotton that I cut myself into shape.- blackspinner

I put a piece of cloth medical tape (same stuff I tape my mouth with) and it worked too. It wasn't quite as comfortable as the moleskin but I had no redness in the morning. Fold in (dog ear) the top 2 corners of the tape to make room for your eyes and to give something to grab to take it off in the morning.- nomoore

Toughen Up[edit]

For me, after about 2-3 weeks the bridge of my nose toughened up and it's no longer really an issue. So yeah, my personal solution? Give it time. -Mattman

Adjust the Mask[edit]

I started out with a ComfortFull, it promptly wore a hole in the bridge of my nose. I used a bandage to let it heal, after it healed the skin got tougher. Also I learned better how to adjust the top "T" Bar, and that I didn't have to keep it as tight too work. Jim

Getting the mask you use to sit flat on your face, and then adjust the straps evenly to hold it flat, "Not Too Tight Please"! I also after I get the mask on and the XPAP started, pull the mask forward on your face until the seal breaks then set it back down.- Goofproof

Your mask should not need to be cranked down tight to obtain a seal. Most masks will seal well with loose headgear. Use the headgear to hold the mask in place, but let the silicone membrane do what it's designed to do but it needs the space to inflate so it will seal against your face.- goose

Sleep Comfort Care Pad[edit]

This is a mask accessory that is placed between the mask and the bridge of the nose for protection from irritation. Description and image of the accessory can be found at - Rooster

I used a large Comfort Care Pad for the first time with my Quattro last night. No problems.

When I took my mask off for a bathroom break in the middle of the night the device stayed in place and I did not have to reposition it.

The lite mineral smell is certainly not offensive or bothersome, and no, you can't wash it out. If you think you can't handle a lite mineral smell, don't buy it.

The product is simple to clean with the alcohol prep-pads that I use to clean my mask.

Second night:

Same larger mask. Comfort Pad covering same spot on bridge.

No redness . No soreness.

Product works as advertised

Thumbs up.

- Banned

Try Using Tape or a plastic Bandage[edit]

I've used plastic bandages for temporary relief or for healing a sore, but for the last couple of months I've been using 3M Transpore surgical tape on my nose bridge . A web search for "3M Transpore tape" will show you lots of links some with pictures so you an see what it looks like. I found it in a local pharmacy in the bandages area. It is a dimpled tape with pores, it has a soft rough surface and is opaque (would be clear if not for the dimple pores) and it's very comfortable to wear. I've even forgotten about it on occasion. It can be purchased on a tear off applicator at a premium price, or just by the plain roll for a lot less and as it tears so easily, no applicator appliance is needed, nor are scissors and yet it's very tough otherwise. You may also find it at a supermarket or drugstore in a purple tape dispenser labeled Nexcare™ Flexible Clear First Aid Tape. Nexcare Flexible Clear First Aid Tape (Still 3M Transpore but packaged for consumer market)

My full face mask has no problem sealing on the tape. This seems to keep the pressure off my nose and so no soreness or redness from the mask. It is very inexpensive, it has a great adhesive, a small piece can be used for several nights before it becomes a bit too gummy on both sides and a new piece is needed. I've never had a piece come off due to moisture from within the mask or from skin sweating.

I use it every night now to not only relieve the mask pressure a bit more for a tighter seal when needed but if there is any redness it is very mild for me and goes away quite quickly. No more putting on make up over the red patch in the morning.