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The DeVilbiss IntelliPAP AutoAdjust Travel CPAP with Smartflex is the newest generation (8/10) auto adjusting machine from DeVilbiss. It has the best warranty in the industry: 3 years. Smartflex and the patented Rounding, provide exhalation relief as well as smooth transitioning pressure as needed. It is among the quietest of the top selling machines, and it is the only one that provides users with web based Smart Codes through which a user can view fairly detailed efficacy data without needing software. The SmartLink software, however, will provide much more detailed efficacy data via a standard SD card and data module attached to the machine. The software is easy to use, and is PC based only. Mac users can utilize the software if they invoke Bootcamp, Parallels, or VM along with Windows. This writer has installed it on a small Asus Eee netbook where it works perfectly.