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Don't Give Up!

Don't give up! Your life depends on it!
originally posted by Rhoda

So you've been sentenced to "life" with CPAP and after a week or so you're still wresting with doubts that you want to continue. GET SERIOUS!

Did you listen when the doctor, therapist and CPAP supplier told you why you need CPAP? OK so maybe it was only the doctor who told you. Therapists and CPAP equipment suppliers will eventually learn that they all need to reinforce "why" you need CPAP.

Being hooked up to a CPAP machine is not as convenient or comfortable as not being hooked up, although great strides will continue to be made in every possible area of patient comfort. But there is much more at stake than simply your comfort and convenience!

Your body will die sooner than you or your loved ones want it to.

If you are diabetic are you going to take insulin at prescribed times regardless of how inconvenient and uncomfortable it may be? If you are asthmatic are you going to take the daily medication that controls your affliction and allows you to live a long, normal life even though pills and inhalers are inconvenient?

Well here\'s the simple truth. If you have sleep apnea then you have an affliction that is going to kill you prematurely if you don\'t control it. When you\'re contemplating whether or not to hook yourself up to that seemingly God forsaken device, think seriously about dying instead. Before your time.

Technology always advances in areas of need. This is an area of need and your comfort is being explored every day. You already have many choices of CPAP machines and masks and the industry will continue to supply new and innovative equipment with your comfort and convenience in mind.

Don't give up!