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CpapWiki:Community Portal

This is the CPAP Wiki Community portal. You may find information here about collaborations, and also about what needs to be done.

Roles that may be useful to helping improve this website[edit]

First of all, while it is generally encouraged for people to dive in and improve the CPAP Wiki, it is by no means required to use or enjoy this website. Besides, that sort of thing may not be for everybody.

Rarely is someone good at all things. Instead they usually have areas of specialty where their skills are useful. While contributing large portions of writing to the articles here is needed, there is plenty of other stuff that can be done. Here are some ideas about roles that people might take on in order to contribute to the wiki.

  • Punctuation: People who are good with punctuation may edit articles just to improve the punctuation.
  • Spelling: All it usually takes is a spellchecker, but if spelling is your thing then go for it.
  • Wikifying: Adding wikilinks to articles usually needs to be done. This potentially includes improving the layout or format of the article.
  • Grammar: People with a knack for grammar, sentence structure, and word usage, may be helpful by editing or improving articles.
  • Recent changes: Patrolling the recent changes page and reporting or reverting vandalism quickly is a great way to help.

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You Can Help![edit]

You can help improve the CPAP Wiki.
Get involved and dive in! Edit articles, navigate the wiki, create new pages, format articles, and more.

About This Page[edit]

This page will contain a list of ALL opentasks. Please feel free to check the list, see if something has been done, and add, move, or remove items, as needed. Be sure to remove the appropriate cleanup template if it is no longer needed on the corresponding page.

  • Please Note: If you modify this page, you should also check and see if the same updates you make here are needed on the Template:Opentask, which shows some of these opentasks on the main page.

What You Can Help With[edit]

See Also Open Tasks

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