i can,t keep my mask on all of the night (it slips off)

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i can,t keep my mask on all of the night (it slips off)

Post by BOBBY » Sat Sep 25, 2004 5:07 am

i have only had cpap for a week and i can only sleep a few hours,i also keep pulling my mask off, so how long will it be before i can get used to my masK,and sleep alnight,also can you give me any tips on how to keep my mask from slipping off in the night,MY MISS'S can't sleep because of me waking her up (ACCIDENTLY I PROMISE) and it is getting her down"she says

we are from SOUTH WALES in the UK, so where is everybody from then


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Mask Wrestling

Post by Apnatic » Sun Sep 26, 2004 8:54 pm

Bobby, I was one who also was pulling off my mask at night, I guess in my sleep, it seems a natural reaction, you are partially awake and something is covering your nose, so we pull it off...Personally it took several months, it may not take you as long, hang in there, it is extremely important you use the mask...
When I was diagnosed I was a newly wed, what a present for us, and it does take some time for your spouse to adjust as well as it does for you, but the adjustment does come, you both will adjust...

Yawn, ahh what we will do for a good nights sleep

Sleep tight,
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Post by JudyAnn » Mon Sep 27, 2004 9:06 am

Hi Bobby,

I'm from the State of Georgia in the USA and I have been a "Hosehead" only since July 20, 2004 (of course I know it has been longer but just found out and put on a CPAP machine) and let me tell you that you are not alone in this big big boat. I ripped that mask off again and again and it took me 6 weeks to finally sleep halfway through, get up for the bathroom, and go back to it for the rest of the night until 6:00 a.m.

So don't be discouraged. You will conquer your new "bed buddy" as I call it and when you do, you and your wife will sleep well. This disorder requires a lot of patience and a lot of determination when you first start using this equipment. I started out on a CPAP with a Mirage Activa nasal mask and I am now on an AutoPap with the Swift Pillow system. I still occasionally still use my nasal mask if I am having trouble falling asleep as it is much quieter than the nasal pillows but I love the nasal pillows because of less stuff on my face. I hope this makes sense.

Hope your persistence pays off. Don't give up. Sometimes its a long process. Hope your wife understands this.



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Losing the mask at night

Post by Snuffle-nose » Thu Oct 07, 2004 3:36 am


Yes I understand I too had the habit of losing my mask at night when I first started my CPAP. I came up with the idea of masking my velcro straps togeather. 3x of em was strapped togeather and one was left untaped so I could get that thing on and off my nose!!!

The 1st night I woke myself up when I was trying to pull off my nasal mask, as the straps were masked shut I couldn't get if off whist I was half asleep it took a concious effort to get if off. I eventually learnt to sleep with it one as I left on even when visting the bathroom, after visting it I'd pick my hose and re plug and fall asleep again.

Now after 2-3 yrs on CPAP I can sleep with the mask on, if I lose my mask it is rare that I wake up without it. I am always a trainwreak if I do not sleep with the nsal mask on. When I sleep in the car[often without the CPAP] I wake up with massive headache and hardly stay awake after waking, my mate had to shake me until I got out my sleepy stupour.......how embarssing!!!!
Been on CPAP for a while.....I had moderate apenoa