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c-pap hose making a gurgling noise!

Postby msjaci1977 on Sat Mar 27, 2010 9:03 pm

I have been using my c-pap machine for almost 2 months now and I HATE IT! I can't stand to have the mask on my face... makes me feel like I'm going in for surgery! And the hose is making an annoying gurgling sound about half way through the night. I usually end up just taking the whole thing off a couple hrs before I wake up.
In the morning, I take it apart and let all the pieces air dry, so I don't know what is causing the gurgling sound. It's very hard to get used to. I hate the hose... it makes it so hard to move around at night. And forget about having a love life!
Can anyone tell me what is causing the gurgling sounds in the hose and how I make using the c-pap machine a better restful experience for me before I TOTALLY lose it? Thank you!

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Re: c-pap hose making a gurgling noise!

Postby scrapper on Sat Mar 27, 2010 9:27 pm

Welcome........you've come to the right place to work out the problems and learn to tolerate and then appreciate your cpap.

For starters, please fill in your profile by going to the User Control Panel........that will help us help you.

The gurgling in your hose is probably rainout--condensation.........insulating your hose with a cover, turning down the humidifer, taking the hose under your covers at night, warming up your room, or replacing the hose with a heated hose would all be solutions.........

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Re: c-pap hose making a gurgling noise!

Postby LoneStar on Sat Mar 27, 2010 9:37 pm

Also look into getting a hose management system - something that keeps the hose off you and your bed. I use the HoZer, but there are others out there.

The hose gurgling is "rainout" or water condensing in your hose. This is a very common problem. The previous poster mentioned several fixes for this. Make sure your machine is below the level of your mattress; this will also help with rainout.

You've come to the right place for help. Don't give up and keep asking questions.


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Re: c-pap hose making a gurgling noise!

Postby dave21 on Sat Mar 27, 2010 10:32 pm

msjaci1977, as scrapper posted, please fill out your profile or if you can't do this please tell us
- Which machine you have
- Which humidifier you have
- Which mask you have

Rainout as LoneStar suggested is caused by water condensing into your hose and called rainout. This is caused by the room temperature dropping but you have a heated humidifier on your machine and the hot / warm air coming through the tube hits the colder air in your bedroom and it then condenses in the tube. There are a number of ways to reduce this:-

1. If you have a ResMed S9 use the ClimateLine hose for Climate Control
2. Purchase a nitted hose cover to reduce the possibility of colder air hitting the warmer air
3. Increase the temperature of your room over night

Also another cause of rainout is to drape your hose over the bed posts. If most of your hose is higher then you and you get condensation being created further down the hose, then it will run down the tube into your mask more.

If you can't handle the mask and are using a full face mask or a nasal mask you might want to try nasal pillows - http://www.cpap.com/productpage/resmed- ... dgear.html

If you already have Nasal Pillows and are finding it difficult then you might want to try the Activa nasal mask - http://www.cpap.com/productpage/resmed- ... dgear.html


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Re: c-pap hose making a gurgling noise!

Postby Jersey Girl on Sat Mar 27, 2010 10:42 pm

Dear Msjaci1977,

I read your post and I definitely can hear your frustration. :( So, let's just take a breath together....ok? :) Now, there are many, many things that you can do so that your therapy becomes tolerable and eventually very comfortable. I remember the first time that I got woken up (scared me to death in the middle of the night) with a rumbly hose! :shock: I ordered a fleece hoze cover from http://www.padacheek.com (about $30.00 for a 6' cover) and they come in lots of lovely prints and colors. Solved that problem. Some people also swear by the Aussie heated hose, but it is quite a bit more expensive (approximately $150) and it can be obtained from http://www.sleepzone.com.au/showitems.a ... AP%20Tube' .

Perhaps you can take just a moment and click on the User Control Panel at the upper left on this page and fill in your profile and especially your equipment, so that we know how to help you more?

I don't know what kind of mask you are using, but when I was using a nasal mask, I felt as though I needed some room for the mask and my pillow was sort of fighting the mask and causing leaks. So, I purchased a Regenesis buckwheat hull cpap pillow from http://www.pur-sleep.com . It kind of works along a similar concept as the bean bag chair when we were kids. You can run your hand over it and make a generous spot for your mask, while the rest of the pillow is supportive for your neck. This company also makes something called a "hose boss" that will allow you to mount your hose in such a way that it Is above you and you don't have to keep flipping it around you as you sleep.

I started out with a Comfort Gel Nasal Mask, because that is what I was given at my titration study. My DME then brought me a Swift LT for Her and I had some trouble getting used to the nasal pillows, so I reached out to some of the fine folks on the forum here for help. I had also heard good things about the Mirage Softgel Nasal Mask and tried that one. Then, when the Swift FX came out, I tried it, and found that it was the perfect mask for me. What I'm trying to say is, sometimes it helps to try different things until you find what is most comfortable for you.

Now, I am not suggesting that you have to buy all of these products, but I wanted to let you know that there are products out there that many of us have used to make our therapy more comfortable. Please don't give up - the benefits of good therapy are great and your health is most imporant!


Jersey Girl

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Re: c-pap hose making a gurgling noise!

Postby Jaylee on Sun Mar 28, 2010 3:41 pm

I have had that gurgle issue and what helped was putting a cover on my hose. Also, sometimes I take the hose off of the mask and drain it out. Someone suggested that to me a couple of weeks ago and that worked ASAP.

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Re: c-pap hose making a gurgling noise!

Postby aroche on Sun Mar 28, 2010 4:01 pm

msjaci1977: Hang in there. As noted earlier, the gurgling is most likely rainout. I had it the first night I wore my CPAP, and it woke me up as well. My wife likes a cool room for sleeping so I started with keeping the machine near the floor and also keeping the hose under my covers. This helped a great deal, and getting a hosecover made even more.

With regard to the comfort, please remember that this is for your future. You can find a comfortable way to sleep, several have been mentioned previously, and it will make all the difference in the world. I can tell you from experience that once the therapy has a chance to take effect your life will be very different. I felt like a fog had been lifted from my mind, and life was so much better. I had gotten to the point that I hated going to sleep, but couldn't explain why. Now I relish the sleep and guard it jealously. My friends and family all tell me they can tell a big change in me and many who knew me prior to OSA have commented I am more like my old self.

You can find the way to make this work for you and make difference for yourself and loved ones who care.

Can't wait to hear your progress. Let us know what you find that works, it may be what someone else here needs to hear as well.

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