Shallow Breather - I couldn’t sleep

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Shallow Breather - I couldn’t sleep

Post by ShallowBreather » Thu Sep 09, 2021 7:07 pm

Hi all. I had my titration study last night. Got there early and got fitted with a Dreamwear cushion and then promptly lay there for hours! I was relaxed, but never slept.

At 2:30 am, I asked to go to the restroom, but it was more because I wanted to start over and because I was going stir crazy in my own head.

She said I was still on CPAP and not yet gotten to the bilevel because I didn’t sleep. But I was at level 13. Which is much higher than the 7-8 I had many years ago.

She also switched me over to the N20 AirFit because the Dreamwear seemed overly loud in my ears. I like the cushion because it didn’t leak, but it was just a little noisy. The N20 never leaked, either. She let me keep both new masks!

Somewhere around 4 am, I started to dream about being at the beach with my family, and POW BAM she turned on the level 18 bilevel. No way I could sleep through that transition. Maybe if I had been dreaming about a tornado!

After a while, I started to relax into the treatment again but still struggled with the pressure “let down” at the start of every exhale.

At 5 am, I was still awake, and we called it a day. She confirmed that I had only hit “sleep” for one period of 5 minutes, a few other shorter ones but they were unusable for titration.

So, she said that the doc would either use the last good settings she was able to get and tweak from there, or he may ask for another titration but with sleep aids.

Now I wait.

PS- She did mention that I was having centrals during the CPAP portion, which makes sense at level 13. But that’s all she said.
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