Newbie would like to hear success stories, please.

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Re: Newbie would like to hear success stories, please.

Post by Alweeja » Sun Jul 03, 2022 8:08 pm

I have used my ResMed for 5 years, till she died. I am now searching for a replacement….any Suggestions for me?

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Re: Newbie would like to hear success stories, please.

Post by ChicagoGranny » Mon Jul 04, 2022 7:58 am

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Re: Newbie would like to hear success stories, please.

Post by Pugsy » Mon Jul 04, 2022 8:16 am

ChicagoGranny wrote:
Mon Jul 04, 2022 7:58 am
Alweeja wrote:
Sun Jul 03, 2022 8:08 pm
I have used my ResMed for 5 years, till she died. I am now searching for a replacement….any Suggestions for me?
Please start your own thread, and people will help you. This thread is reserved for success stories.
Already done.
I have no idea why he posted this post last night in this thread.
viewtopic/t184631/My-ResMed-CPAP-DIED-a ... stion.html
Except the fact that no one has recommended a specific machine but then he/she hasn't told us exactly which machine was being used. Can't recommend anything if we don't know what is being used.
I am sure everyone has a model on their finger tips but that model might not be what this person is actually using.
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Re: Newbie would like to hear success stories, please.

Post by Billymadison420 » Sun Jul 24, 2022 6:43 pm

Been on the hose for 7 days. My life has gone from almost intolerable and devoid of joy, to great again. My energy is back. My joy is back. My BP is normal again, and stomach issues are somehow gone. It took me until 35 to get diagnosed.

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Re: Newbie would like to hear success stories, please.

Post by Waycoolnurse » Tue Nov 01, 2022 6:34 am

Hello, New to the Forum but not to CPAP. Have had it since 2009. On my third machine, now on AutoPap. (Setting is lower ,7.5 vs 9). I noticed the difference immediately but not a burst of energy, just able to function all day, no falling asleep in meetings (snoring sitting up), no more snoring (kids told me when visiting). Like others, I don't love the machine but I don't hate it either. But the few times I forgot my machine on a work trip, I drove back home to get it!!!

Most significant difference other than being able to stay awake all day?

NO HORRIFIC LEG CRAMPS. Holey Moley! That's a blessing. Also no headaches and/or reflux. I need to sleep more but that's a me thing not a CPAP thing. I missed my old forum on Yahoo, glad to find this one.

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Re: Newbie would like to hear success stories, please.

Post by IzzyZeal » Sun Dec 04, 2022 10:57 am

I am new as of today and this is my first post. I'm ten days into using my CPAP for Central Sleep Apnea. I am guessing that this condition has been slowly destroying my life for years (I'm 55) but really became pronounced in 2022. I felt fortunate to have the diagnosis as my entire life basically collapsed and I was struggling to understand any of it. I have moderate SA, 27 events per hour and most likely for a very long time.

I did not start using CPAP until I had worn the mask for a couple of days off and on, and realized that its mostly about comfort and understanding that your breathing should not change with the mask on, which is no easy task. My first few nights were pretty disastrous, mostly waking after a couple of hours and tossing the mask aside. But I kept with it and found that I was able to go longer each night, with no discernable improvement, but definitely feeling more comfortable with the routine. I made the decision four days ago to try beepsleep maskless, I am a side sleeper and the mask I started with just didn't feel right on my side. The nose ports actually work well, its a bit of a routine and even like a mask it takes a couple of nights to adjust, particularly hooking up the hose. But four nights in sticking with it I feel that its not that difficult and that the pros so far outweigh the cons. I definitley like the freedom I feel in wearing it at night. I also rigged my CPAP to reside above my head on my headboard, which also seems to make a difference.

So while I'm still a newbie, yesterday was a revelation like nothing I've experienced in my life before. I new that my sleep was more successful the night prior than any other, I never fully awoke in the night, I recall rolling over to my other side at one point but still slept. When I finally awoke and decided to look at my clock, it was two minutes before my alarm, a miracle indeed. I was excited, so excited. I didn't recognize any burst of energy right away, my routine is to take a bath, eat breakfast and then start coffee. My first cup of coffee felt like I was drinking coffee for the first time, it tasted so rich and good, and gave me a buzz, something I've not had in years as a lifelong coffee drinker. I didn't reach for the second cup right away and started going about my day. I noticed that everything seemed more vivid than I'd ever noticed before, and that my senses seemed alive. Everything literally felt new to me and this sensation didn't seem to go away, in fact it stayed with me the entire day. I started to write about the experience in my own journal, for two hours, it was really a revelation like no other as I had literally never felt like this at any time I can remember in my life. I was so excited, I defined it as feeling a "Clarity" that was almost like being high, but not in a momentary way. I waited all day to see when this sensation would go away but it never did, until I retired again at 9:30pm. I even drove to get my kid at night, I recently have hated driving at night because I don't feel super confident or safe anymore, but this time everything seemed real, vivid and normal, it was like living in a different body for 12 hours.

I know enough not to make too much of this one experience, its too early and I don't want to set myself up for disaster. Today I am back to where I was the previous day, having slept so-so, woken in the middle of the night with very dry mouth, and the same fog as usual. But just having this one experience that is so vastly different from anything else in my entire life, leads me to believe I'm on the right path. I sure hope so, I'm sticking with it and just going to keep trying and hopefully improving over time. Thanks for reading, i can't wait to explore more on this forum