Apnea on *exhalation*

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Re: Apnea on *exhalation*

Post by chunkyfrog » Wed Jan 12, 2022 9:05 pm

Chipmunk cheeks, not a thing in Australia.
No squirrels at all.
Guinea pigs?
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Oh! I got it! "Didgeridoo cheeks"!
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Re: Apnea on *exhalation*

Post by SleepyCPAP » Fri Jan 14, 2022 8:29 am

I had Palatal Prolapse on exhalation beginning this summer. It totally messed up my otherwise decade-long very good adjustment to CPAP, and AHI started going all over the map (I think the highest was 11.75 AHI).

Then I got the 6” AlaxoStent and started using it mid-December. Instant Success!!!
My AHI dropped below 0.5 instantly, and almost every day is 0.0 AHI since then (except for a few CA’s here and there). I know that it is working because I’m still wearing my Bleep mask and VAuto, and reading the OSCAR downloads. I keep reducing my EPAP every 5-7 days since it seems the AlaxoStent has prevented my Obstructive Apneas too (my sleep study was 33 AHI, so 0.0 looks really good to me!). My min-EPAP is currently 3cm, and IPAP is currently 6cm. My min-EPAP used to be 6.4cm, and max IPAP was 14cm before I started with the stent, so I guess I’ve cut my pressure needs in half already. The VAuto in “S” mode can go down to 2cm, and I’m going to switch to that lowest pressure after this weekend. I’ve even tried a nap without the machine (just the AlaxoStent) and my O2Ring said I had the same good SpO2 stats as when I’m on the VAuto.

I adjusted easily to putting it in through my nose, far quicker than adjusting to CPAP 11 years ago. I much prefer this to the idea of surgery.

If you can afford it (under $1,000 out of pocket, my insurance would not reimburse but others have had better luck), it may be exactly the right treatment. It is FDA approved for sleep apnea (the 6” version), and your doctor needs to approve the sale (or the company’s affiliated doctors can do that prescription virtually if your doctor is uncomfortable - that’s what I did).

Sorry if this sounds like a sales pitch. I don’t work for them, I’m just an enthusiastic AlaxoStent user (in my first month with it).
-- SleepyCPAP
Sleep study in 2010 (11cm CPAP). Adjusted to 10cm with pillows (Swift FX>TAP PAP >Bleep). PRS1 “Pro” 450/460 until recall, now Aircurve 10 VAuto. Tape mouth. Palatal Prolapse solved by AlaxoStent.