should I try AVAPS/IVAPS for shallow breathing?

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should I try AVAPS/IVAPS for shallow breathing?

Post by cpaputah » Tue Aug 03, 2021 5:30 pm

A recent sleep endoscopy found “very shallow breathing even with arousal”. I’m on ASVAuto and it’s not working well enough. Settings are pressure support 6-16 and EPAP 9-15. Compliance reports show my sleep apnea is adequately controlled by the ASVAUTO machine.

I’m working with a pulmonologist but he wants to wait for a new sleep study (in 2 months….) before prescribing AVAPS. I don’t feel well and want to try avaps or ivaps NOW. I have mild headaches and nothing makes them go away other than moving to a lower altitude. 2-3 days a week I wake up and feel pretty bad. Not a lot of energy. I mope around the house and can’t think as clearly as I’d like. I don’t like to exercise on those days. The compliance report doesn’t register anything suspicious on those days. On a good day I can hike up a mountain for an hour without any problems.

Should I try ivaps/avaps now?
Is IVAPS better than AVAPS?
What settings should I use on one of these machines?
Do you know anyone that could give me a written prescription for avaps or ivaps without seeing me in person so I can see if 1 will work?
Do you know of any good deals on an ivaps or avaps - either new or used?

Currently using resmed 9 vpap adapt on asvauto . F&P Simplus full face mask. Located at Snowbird, Utah (7800’ elevation). compliance report is great - 0 leaks. 7:34 average usage, AHI 0.8. Minute ventilation median 5.6 , 95th% 7.8, max 13.8. Respiratory rate median 10, 95th 14, max 18. Tidal volume max 1209, 95th 782, median 554.

Thanks! David