I'm a little scared right now

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Re: I'm a little scared right now

Post by Greyfort » Thu Oct 29, 2015 9:31 am

The whole answer may have been a little more dramatic than I'd originally thought.

My Mom is 87 and she's been having some breathing problems lately as well. I awoke this morning to find my Mom being taken away in an ambulance. The first thing the Paramedics said was, "You have a gas leak."

I've been telling my Dad for weeks that there was a really strong gasoline smell in the garage. He figured something was going on with his car, but hasn't done anything about it. My room is right behind the garage door.

They've removed the leaking gas can they found and we've opened all of the windows, but I'm still smelling gasoline in my room. It could take quite some time for the smell to go away entirely.

I'm wondering if my shortness of breath, and my Mom's, has been because of this gas leak that I've been complaining about for 3 or 4 weeks. My Dad and I have been butting heads all morning over this issue, but now I have to go visit my Mom.

Maybe the filter on the CPAP has been protecting me a little, but I sit at my computer desk all night, which is pretty close to the garage door.