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A CPAP hose is the tubing that delivers air from the flow generator to the CPAP Mask. The hose is commonly called the main hose, or tube. The tube is flexible and has silicon cuff like ends. The standard length for a CPAP hose is 6 ft, though this type hose are available in lengths from 18 inches to 10 ft. CPAP hoses are often used to connect a heated humidifier into the breathing circuit. The maximum length of hose that can be used, without changing the flow generators pressure to accommodate the extra length, is 10 ft. Different length hoses by different companies (Tom Tedrick) (Accessories and Comfort Upgrades) All hoses, hose covers and companies are not alike.

I use Resprionics stuff and I have their 6 ft hose. They don't have a hose cover (to "try and stop condensation rain\"), but ResMed does. OK, great I wanted a quick on/off cover and they advertise a 6 foot cover with zipper.

After you get the package, open up the un-returnable medical plastic package, you can then see that it is actually 6ft 6inches. Or a 2-meter cover (same as ResMeds 2 meter hose I found out) because they make it down-under and they deal in metrics there. The US 2-yard (6ft) hose is 1.86 meters.

Not a problem if you are a total ResMed customer, but you're out of luck if your hose is not theirs. Even though they still advertise the hose and the cover as 6 feet several places: web pages, shipping bill, etc there is no way to use a strongly made 6ft6in hose cover with a zipper over a 6 ft hose.

ResMed didn't care that it can't work. The (hose) manufacturer laughed at them, said of course they won't fit, apologised, and asked to send me a 2 meter hose. They were great, ResMed is a lost cause...look how they treated the problem and expect them to do the same for everything (and this only cost $15). Here is their response:

Hi Tom, Thinking yours was a unique situation, I spoke to my supervisor after you and I talked. He explained that the 6' 6" ResMed wrap is FOR the 6 foot tube--obviously no-one makes a 6' 6" tube and ResMed would hardly market a tube wrap that didn't fit their 6' tubes.

Nor, he said, would ResMed sell any tube wraps if they marketed their tube wrap as 6' 6" since, again, no-one has that size tube.

In fact, the tube is meant to be stretched to fit the cover. That's the bottom line. That's what ResMed expects you to do.

In light of that, we cannot reimburse you your costs for modifying the wrap, nor can we take it back for a refund.

I hope this satisfies your concerns.

I have no experience with ResMed except for hoses, hose covers, and customer support...but that was enough.

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