Repair vs buying a new (or slightly used) machine

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Repair vs buying a new (or slightly used) machine

Post by wcj1 » Mon Dec 31, 2012 12:52 pm

I have a ResMed S8 AutoSet II that is practically 4 years old with almost 10,000 hours. Over the past week, it has started making this noise on and off (e.g. it was fine the past 3 nights, but then it started the noise again this morning after I took the mask off and the machine was airing itself out). A slightly raspy noise, maybe it is a bearing starting to go in the motor?

I called my DME and they recommended buying new, which is not surprising. They could not give me a ball-park estimate on total repair cost, just that it would be cheaper to buy a new one, although I understand their motivation on that.

When I mentioned that I would have to purchase this myself basically (I have a high deductible and will not meet it), they offered a couple of options on an S9 AutoSet, including a used/return with 900 hours on it. They are knocking off 30% for this used machine.

I am having problems sorting this all out since I feel like I am under time pressure and I am not prepared to decide what I might buy. I am interested in feedback on the following questions:

* Would others avoid repair because of my current machine's age? (Although I travel a fair bit, so maybe after I get a new one, I might look into repairing this machine to keep it as my travel machine.) Does anyone know a ball park estimate on repair? (I was only told $75 to diagnose and $50/month for a rental.)

* I was thinking that buying a used machine with 900 hours from my DME for 30% off was a decent deal. But now I am looking at secondwindcpap, and not so sure since their machines probably have fewer hours for a little less money. Plus my DME wants a new prescription, which means an extra doctor's appointment/cost for that. Would others agree that 900 hours/30% off is probably not good enough?

* I like my S8 AutoSet II, but I am not thrilled with the S9 AutoSet tube and have not researched it much overall. In a quick glance, are these the 3 alternatives I should look at more to decide if I want to switch manufacturers:
** PR System One REMStar 60 Series Auto CPAP Machine
** SleepStyle 254 Auto CPAP Machine with Built In Heated Humidifier
** IntelliPAP AutoAdjust Travel CPAP Machine with SmartFlex


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Re: Repair vs buying a new (or slightly used) machine

Post by chunkyfrog » Mon Dec 31, 2012 12:56 pm

If you are paying out of pocket, online is the only way to go.
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Re: Repair vs buying a new (or slightly used) machine

Post by zeeser » Mon Dec 31, 2012 2:21 pm

I had a similar experience recently. My ResMed S8 VPAP S, had it almost 4 years with 10,000 hours, it started acting up. On/Off switch got funky, pressure would drop suddenly. I have the worst DME going so I said to hell with it and got a 0 hours S9 VPAP S from Second Wind for $975. Good luck.

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