Mouth Breathing and Flu-like Symptoms (chills?)

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Mouth Breathing and Flu-like Symptoms (chills?)

Post by tattooyu » Mon Mar 16, 2009 1:02 pm ... clinicians
ResMed wrote:Mouth breathing:

* is a common problem for CPAP and bilevel therapy users.
* and mouth leak experience by around 40% of CPAP users1,2,3
* and mouth leak experience by almost all bilevel users1,2,3
* commonly caused by chronic nasal disease
* usually experienced intermittently
* can be exacerbated by:
o colds
o allergies
o alcohol consumption
* causes high unidirectional airflow and prevents moist air from the lungs passing over the nasal mucosa. This results in mucosal drying, nasal congestion, and flu-like symptoms on awaking in the morning.
I was discussing privately with -SWS about the fact that when I have a bad night, I have the chills sometimes the next day, at least in the morning. He had found an article on ResMed's site regarding flu-like symptoms with mouth breathing.

Last week, I had called ResMed to speak with a clinician about the matter but was sent to her voice mail. I got a call back today from her, and after some phone tag, finally spoke with her over the phone. She said that when mouth breathing happens, the sinuses can become congested and histamine production can increase, which some users perceive as flu-like symptoms.

She had never heard of someone having the chills the next day, so my quest on that front continues.

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