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setup directions for Resmed S6 lightweight

Postby kharyssa on Thu Jul 03, 2008 11:04 am

I have no health insurance so I had to settle for a donated machine. Not the best thing, I know, but I have no other option. I know the machine is set at 6 for the previous user, but I need to bump that up as I am not getting a good seal (and my titration should be set at 10 anyway according to the study).

Does anyone know how to set this machine? Have a manual lying about? I've looked everywhere online and can't find the info.

Thanks ina dvance,


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Postby Wulfman on Thu Jul 03, 2008 11:28 am

This thread is just a little further down the page:

http://www.cpaptalk.com/viewtopic/t3257 ... anual.html

See how you do with these instructions.


ResMed cpap S6

1. machine must be shut off
2. press START and TIMER 20 MINUTES buttons at the same time
3. switch on machine using master switch at the backside of the machine
4. using TIMER 5 MINUTES and TIMER 10 MINUTES buttons increase or decrease pressure (pressure setting is shown on display at reverse side of machine)
5. complete setting by pushing STOP button once
6. now the machine is set to the new pressure and will remember that when being shut off on switched on again


To adjust the treatment or start pressure, you will need a reference manometer with a sensor tube and a standard Luer taper fitting.

The Hour Meter on the underside of the flow generator will display the treatment pressure while in pressure setting mode. However, a manometer should be used when accurate pressure setting required. If not using a manometer, disregard #3 and attach the hose and mask to the CPAP.

1. Assemble the flow generator as the patient would normal use it, but do not connect the mask system. Ensure that SmartStart is disabled (Elite model only).

2. Turn on the flow generator to allow the unit to warm up. If the motor does not start running, press the START button to start the flow. Let the flow generator warm up for 15 minutes.

3. Remove the plug from one of the access ports on the mask and attach the Luer taper end of the sensor tube. Attach the other end of the sensor tube to the manometer.

Setting the Treatment Pressure

1. Press the STOP button and turn the flow generator off.

2. Connect the mask system to the air tubing.

3. Hold down the START and “20” buttons while you turn on the main power switch at the rear of the flow generator. Hold the buttons down until the START and “20” buttons illuminate.

4. Block the opening of the mask with the palm of your hand. (Do not block the mask exhalation vent.)

5. Read the pressure on the manometer. Use the “5” button to decrease pressure and the “10” button to increase pressure.

6. Press the Stop button to revert to normal operating mode.

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wulfman, you rock!

Postby kharyssa on Thu Jul 03, 2008 12:09 pm

that worked!! the display on this model is on the underside of the machine... I never would have looked there!

Yay! now my pressure is set at 10 and my mouth stays shut under the pressure. We'll see how it goes tonight.

Thank you for taking the time to repost the info for me... that was very patient of you and I appreciate it!


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