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Thank you from Newbie! What a difference an EPR makes....

Postby chanap on Wed Apr 19, 2017 12:22 pm

Newly diagnosed, and after 19 miserable days with my new machine (worse sleep and less than without it), I found info you all left here that made vast improvement -- just in time for my birthday, yesterday!

Turns out my doc had prescribed EPR but hadn't allowed me access and it was turned off in clinical settings. Once i got in and set it to 3 it made a huge difference. I even got a hint of why I'm using this thing with better sleep quality once I got there. Was so excited by just being about to breathe comfortably awake, that the excitement and sense of hope kept me awake for a while:)

Still have adjustments to make, as even with EPR, by level 8.5 I get uncomfortable aerophagia, bubbles in throat, chipmunk cheeks, etc (even with mouth taped) but this whole thing is starting to feel possible, and that glimpse of good-sleep makes me cry just thinking about it.

Anyway, thanks again!

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Re: Thank you from Newbie! What a difference an EPR makes....

Postby ajack on Thu Apr 20, 2017 2:42 am

I'm 7 weeks in and it's all starting to fall into place, My estimate is it will take me 3 months to fully adjust. It's a steep learning curve. Now when I wake up, I have to lift the mask to noise leak, to make sure it's on. I'm running 15-20 cm pressure and I feel no pressure.

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