Is the slimline hose setting used for the climateline?

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Re: Is the slimline hose setting used for the climateline?

Post by Pugsy » Wed Apr 11, 2012 11:01 am

RandyJ wrote:74? Wow... I've never set the temp for less than 82 degrees. Is it worth having a heated hose if you're going to set it that low?
OMG yes it is worth it to have the heated hose. When I was using the PR S1 machine without a heated hose during the winter time rain out was horrible. Gurgling so loud it would wake my husband and not to mention snorting water up my nose half the night and I had the furnace on in the house then and while cooler bedroom..nothing like the cold I had last night.

I did the 74 degrees just to see if I liked the cooler air vs the warmer air I had been using.
Never gave rain out a second thought but now I can see that there could have been that possibility but it was a non issue. The main reason I finally bought the Hybernite heated hose to use with my PR S1 machine was the ice cube nose.. I am thinking that during winter months I might like a little warmer air and during summer months I might like a bit cooler air. Menopausal women don't need any added heat from anywhere in the summer because we generate enough of our own.

Last night was a fluke cold night. At least compared to what we have been having.
No doubt in my mind that without the heated hose there would have been copious amounts of water trying to go into my nose and I would have had horrible sleep with my preferred high humidity setting on any machine I use.

I am itching to try the PR S1 60 series heated hose system but I will have to wait till BiPap model in it is released and then try to find one on the black market.
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Re: Is the slimline hose setting used for the climateline?

Post by kempo » Wed Apr 11, 2012 9:30 pm

I used my s9 for a couple of months before purchasing the climiteline. Fell in love with it the first night I used it. I bought another one for back up.