Do I need to worry about these leaks, tried Dreamwear last night

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Do I need to worry about these leaks, tried Dreamwear last night

Post by booksfan » Tue Mar 13, 2018 11:46 am

I tried the Dreamwear with pillows last night. I did have fragmented sleep, a problem both before and since starting CPAP. I did drop back to sleep quickly, however, which IS an improvement! The strap kept slipping up the back of my head and I felt like I had to keep adjusting the mask. Which, actually, seems to be borne out the data--a very leaky night (for me). However, a great AHI! Are the leaks from last night high enough and/or long enough that I need to worry about them? I've only been using CPAP since mid-Jan so I'm still fairly new to all this.

I have a small head, so am using the small headgear. I *may* have tightened it a little too much, because my nose (which is sensitive to pressure) was a bit sore this morning. I will try loosening the straps a little tonight. It's just that the mask felt so loose on my face last night.

I am open to any suggestions, for leaks, keeping strap down, etc. The strap riding up is a recurring problem, no matter what mask I use. Part of the issue is that my hair is silky fine and slippery, but when I look at mask fit pictures, I am beginning to think my ears are too high on the sides of my head! :lol: The straps rub/ride on the tops of my ears and seem to want to sit a little lower down <sigh>.
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Re: Do I need to worry about these leaks, tried Dreamwear last night

Post by Pugsy » Tue Mar 13, 2018 11:54 am

The leaks aren't anywhere near high enough to negatively impact the therapy itself.

The worst it got to was a little under 17 L/min ad you weren't up there for very long anyway. 24 L/min is ResMed's line in the sand but even that is a real conservative number. From personal experience I found the machine was fairly accurate in both response and reporting up to around 35 L/min. Over that and things got a bit iffy but again only iffy during the time deep into large leak territory.

First night with a new mask has always been rather challenging for me. Getting the tension just right and wearing something new that my body isn't accustomed to. I always wake often the first night with a new mask just fiddling with things so unless I really don't hold much chance for it working out well I will usually give a new mask at least a week trial before I form much of an opinion about the mask.
The one exception was the Respironics Wisp mask...lasted 90 minutes one night with it and I said I would never let it touch my face again and I haven't. Hated it. :lol:
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Re: Do I need to worry about these leaks, tried Dreamwear last night

Post by Hopeful50 » Tue Mar 13, 2018 11:38 pm

If your hair is long enough, put it in a ponytail and run the strap below the ponytail. If your hair is too short for that, you could try a barrette or sort of hair clip hold the strap in place. Some have found that putting a bit of velcro on the inside of the strap helps keep it from sliding.