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Re: SD Card Full

Postby Pugsy on Mon Oct 16, 2017 7:36 am

Your insurance company doesn't care what your settings are. They just want you to use the machine at least the minimum number of hours.
The hours of use along with summary AHI numbers is stored on the machine and will be put onto any SD card you insert in the machine.
Also check with your insurance company...if you have been using the machine since May the compliance period may have already passed and they no longer even care about hours of use.
Check with your insurance directly though...don't rely on what the DME says. They can't possibly know all the different compliance policies for all the different insurance plans out there.

If the DME or doctor squawks because you changed things...at worst you get a verbal tongue lashing. They can't take the machine away.
Only the insurance can get that done by denying payment (assuming payment is still being made but you might own it outright by now).

If you can't get that SD card cleaned up for whatever reason...just set it aside and go get a new one and start using it.
The summary usage stuff is retained on the machine's internal memory for at least a year and will go right back on the new card.
You will lose some really old detailed graphs but that is about it. Those are already in SleepyHead and aren't of much critical use by now anyway.
Current use...you lose only past flow rate charts and again those are in SH already.

Anything the DME might want or need or your insurance company.....is stored on the machine and will be written directly to a new blank SD card.
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Re: SD Card Full

Postby Pugsy on Mon Oct 16, 2017 7:38 am

The reason I ask about the P folders is that the only way the machine itself could be filling up the card is with a little bug I have seen on a few Respironics machines where it writes an inordinate number of sessions per night which fill up the P folders quickly and thus there will be an inordinate number of P folders...which could fill up a SD card too quickly. You may or may not have that little bug in your machine.
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Re: SD Card Full

Postby stevez on Mon Oct 16, 2017 9:52 am

Thanks again Pugsy! You're the best!

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Re: SD Card Full

Postby SnoringInOregon on Sun Nov 12, 2017 1:59 pm

I have stumbled upon a (perhaps different) explanation for why the dreamstation is reporting "SD Card Full". It's quite possible that the original poster committed the unpardonable sin of changing the time on his machine.

My DreamStation just started saying the same thing, even though the SD card is not full at all.

I just set my dreamstation clock back by one hour. My machine time was off by an hour after the recent change from DST. Every Windows, Unix, and macOS computer does this automatically. But the twits at Respironics somehow managed to screw it up. And they screwed it up even though (at least on my dreamstation) they obviously run something like NTP over the wireless modem to keep the correct time. (I know that because my time remained correct to the nearest second until the recent DST change).

Immediately after I changed time I got the SD card full message. And I mean immediately. As in just as I pressed in the dial to make the time change.

So not only are the pinheads at Respironics incapable of changing the time automatically, they somehow check the time information previously written to the SD card and throw a hissy fit if they detect time going backwards.

I save the contents of my SD card each night. Three files were changed. LAST (dot) TXT, LOG (dot) SEQ, and PROP (dot) TXT. I tried restoring the contents and the timestamps on those files from the previous day. But their software check is more encompassing than that. I still get the "SD Card Full" message.

I will try to reformat my SD card. Hopefully that will fix the issue.


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