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Re: AHI numbers and other data

Post by DeeCPAP » Thu May 18, 2017 11:49 am

robysue wrote:
DeeCPAP wrote:Saw a MAJOR discrepancy in the data SleepHead shows and what the ResMed machine shows. I slept more hours, on average, than my machine for the "hours slept per day for over a year, month, etc. I'll double check later today, but it makes no sense. Averaging 5.5 hours of disrupted sleep for over a year can make ya nuts. SleepyHead says I slept more. Maybe I should believe the machine's numbers more than SleepHead?
Show us screen shots please.
For 6 months it says 5.6 avg on my machine
For 6 months SleepHead says 7.06 avg.

For a year, my machine says 5.8 hours of sleep a night average.
For LAST year, SleepyHead says 7.13 <-- I'm not sure whether this means for the entirety of the past year (the last 365 days) or the *previous* year.

As for my comment about 'disrupted sleep', I should have said 'not feeling rested', but things have been stressful (life itself/politics/etc.) I get groggy during the day, often a few hours after I wake up, but not always, then it dissipates as the days passes and feel *most* wide awake later at night, but I'm a night owl so that's been normal for me (but the daytime grogginess is what bothers me).

I had screenshots of the SleepyHead data posted on Imur but took it down because I'm not savvy with linking the data to a message and didn't want to make it difficult for anyone to find the last screenshot I posted.

I saved the *overview* screenshot. Can you tell me how to post the screenshot in a message without linking it to Imur?
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