Brain Fog and weird results - help!

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Brain Fog and weird results - help!

Post by LindseyMichelle » Thu Apr 20, 2017 12:07 pm

Hi guys,

I posted a little earlier about those clear airway events and many suggested I register, get sleephead data and share info! I don't really understand my readings. I think I had a lot of fake apneas in the beginning because it takes me a long time to fall asleep but here is my data.

Also! I had no idea I had sleep apnea because I dont snore, I always thought I was just a restless sleeper but I began to have severe brain fog. I started to forget words and I feel like I am walking in a haze and I am disconnected from reality in a way. It's kind of like the feeling of a head cold. Has anyone else had this experience and is this due to my sleep apnea, even though it is mild?

I feel foggy all through out the day and I wonder if it's sleep apnea or something else

Here are my results from my first night of use


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Re: Brain Fog and weird results - help!

Post by CarpeNoctum » Thu Apr 20, 2017 8:20 pm

Hi Lindsey,
There are many people better at machine data then lets hope for some help. At least I can bump your thread.

Your machine is not capable of treating centrals. So that's one issue that needs to be investigated. Did your sleep study reveal lots of centrals?

I've been on successful therapy for over 6 years now and I barely remember how I felt prior to treatment. Certainly foggy and in need of sleep, but also some real clear cut physical signs. I'd wake up with headache, sometimes awaken from a dead sleep gasping for breath, wake in cold sweat, BP out of control...stuff like that. Anything like that happen with you?

Everybody is different in our reactions. Your current situation sounds like it could fall into other categories...rather then apnea. Many drugs have really strange side effects. Have a close look at anything you take regularly and research side effects. Might shed some light on things.

Another issue, and I don't mean to be insensitive, could be a mental health issue. Depression can present in a variety of ways. Certainly sleep apnea could co-exist with a depression (or other illness) making it difficult to sort out what's what.
A visit with a good psychiatrist might be a place to start. Just a thought.
Good luck,

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Re: Brain Fog and weird results - help!

Post by palerider » Thu Apr 20, 2017 8:30 pm

LindseyMichelle wrote:Here are my results from my first night of use
could you redo the shot like the following example:

Machine: S9 VPAP™ Auto BiLevel Machine
Mask: AirFit™ P10 Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Headgear
Additional Comments: S9 Vpap Auto

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Re: Brain Fog and weird results - help!

Post by kteague » Thu Apr 20, 2017 8:39 pm

Brain fog is an oft reported symptom on here. Any time someone's data shows clear airway events, even if they are of no consequence, I defer to those more knowledgeable. It can be hard to know whether all symptoms are from the sleep apnea of if there is more than one contributor. In these cases it is helpful to address the known factors by making sure treatment is optimized and used consistently. Over time it will become apparent if there are residual symptoms needing investigated. Maybe after a period of recovery you will find the fogginess resolves. If not, mention it again and get some suggestions on some other things to check out. It can be a good time to make sure things like Vitamin D, B Vitamins, Iron levels, thyroid function etc. are normal.