Newbie would like to hear success stories, please.

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Re: Newbie would like to hear success stories, please.

Post by MrOla » Sat Mar 19, 2016 10:45 am

Greetings. Got diagnose 1993 somewhere in the midrange of AHI. Tried then a CPAP. Total panic in the middle of the night, adios machine. No more.
Years went by. For a duple of years ago doc warned me, cancer and memory loss will follow, do something. Every late morning, around 11, I woke up like I had 2 bottles of wine. 2-3 jugs of coffee and a hot shower got med started, pretty OK but half day gone.

Gotta do something. Throats surgery, that was pretty rough. Om surgery waking up, I cold FEEL air just flowing so nice!
Yes! I CAN BREED AGAIN! a couple of months later, back on square one again. Next te dentist who made something to put in my mouth that would prevent my jaw from falling back and blocking. I tried and I tried but I got muscle inflammations since I bite so hard on it at night. In the trash. Now back on CPAP and machines are quite better.

Well the "hairdryer" made my mouth so dried up it was like a desert inside. Got the humidfider, and nice with water assembled in the mask! Argh. Thought I might should place a goldfish in there. Now on 7,5 and it is a bit better.

Now to the mask. It does not help a bit that I imagine myself being a pilot, shooting down MIGS. I feel like a clown or more like an elephant at circus.
Since a severe spine surgery I can only sleep on my right or left side. I have to go from side to side to relieve pain often every night. And then the pillow or whatever touches the mask and air blows out, awakens me to. Besides hearing Darth Vader next to me...

I am now into my 5th night with this "thing" which I like to put a sledgehammer on, but realizing, I must make it or else...
How in h**l do you manage? I go from almost crying to "I give up" - mode.

A very odd thing. Leaving this cold country (Sweden) going to Spain or such, I am so much better.
I am planning (and praying) to move from here anyways due the invasion of muslim refugees. That for someone who does not see or faces the consequences of it is hard to understand. A bit OT, I know, but it is far worse than you can imagine. If you plan to visit Sweden, be very careful here.


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Re: Newbie would like to hear success stories, please.

Post by sprezzatura » Tue Apr 19, 2016 2:40 pm

I just started CPAP a couple of months ago. I am delighted with the results. I am sleeping deeper because I have started getting vivid and pleasant dreams, which is a sign of REM sleep. I am more refreshed in the morning. I no longer feel like having a nap in the afternoon. There is less sputum in my throat due to GERD (acid reflux). My wife is so happy I am no longer snoring.

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Re: Newbie would like to hear success stories, please.

Post by dontknowhowtodeal » Thu May 05, 2016 8:59 pm

I have been diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and recently started using a CPAP since about March. I had a very rough start for the first month. I think I averaged about 2 hours a night for at least 2 weeks with some skips. I talked with another person who also had a CPAP and he encouraged me to use the machine every night and put the mask baci on if I had to get up to go to the bathroom, or I woke up. It was very difficult to do but I am proud to say that I am now at 70% after 2 months. I am not saying that I like the CPAP: I detest it but, I am grateful for it for without it the alternative is not a good one. I do feel better, I do have more energy and hopefully soon I will look forward to going to bed and putting the mask on.

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Re: Newbie would like to hear success stories, please.

Post by thrp100 » Tue May 17, 2016 2:58 am

First at all sorry for my bad English. I am Spanish and i only speak a little English.

Recently diagnosed with apnea and two months on cpap. Some information about me: 47 years old, male, no smoker, slim (180 cm and 80kg). Last January i did a sleep study, because last 6 (i guess more) years i had slept quite bad. I had go to urinate 3-4 times a night, felt really tired, depressed, brain fog,etc

Sleep study confirmed i have OSA. IAH 15 when i sleep in lateral decubitus (only hipopneas) and IAH 45 when i sleep in supine decubitus position, 30 arousal/h, no O2 desaturation (94% mean).

I finally got on cpap last 28/03. First weeks i put only 2-3 hours but now i am able to put all night. Pressure is 7 cm. I still wake up 2-3 times a night, but my sleep quality has improved and i can dream now. Yes two monts ago i have no dreams (REM) but now I have dreams, i mean more vivids, long dreams. I read this is call REM rebound and is an indication that the cpap treatment is effective. I hope.....

Thanks all members for sharing your experiences and of course


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Re: Newbie would like to hear success stories, please.

Post by Baron » Thu May 19, 2016 3:11 pm

First off, let me note that I really respect the challenges that so many people face in adapting to CPAP and related sleep therapies. Sleep is so fundamental to our health, and yet getting good sleep can feel so elusive at times.

I am knocking on wood as I say it, but I can report that it really only took me a about a week to adapt to CPAP and sleeping all night with nasal pillows under my nose. I'm still learning how to manage and maintain the equipment, get the hose in the right spot, and pick the right pillow for minimizing leakage. I do get a little bloating at times. But that's small potatoes, since I am feeling well-rested.

For the first few nights, I was a little frustrated (wondering if I had the right mask, not feeling comfortable, not feeling rested, despite staying on the machine the whole night.) But right off the bat, my apnea rate had dropped from an untreated 60/hour to 2/hour, and I was sleeping the whole night attached to the CPAP (the most current ResMed with humidifier and heated tube, plus the Nuance nasal pillows.) I can say that I was not happy for the first several days. I felt worse than I did sleeping w/o CPAP. I felt the same as I do when jet-lagged flying to Europe - a bit loopy, with a fuzziness separating me from the world. My doctor was not going to see me for a couple months and all everyone was talking about was "compliance" (to make the insurer happy), not my health or comfort.

My common-sense spouse (who was all of a sudden in a great mood, because no one was SNORING all night in our house) said I needed to get over myself and relax. I also decided to restart my morning exercise routine (20 minutes on the exercycle.) So I did relax more when sleeping. I decided that I did not need to check constantly for mask leaks, I did not need to hold my head in the perfect spot, and I could even sleep on my back if I wanted to (!!!) That change of attitude was enough to getting me really sleeping the night (for 6 1/2 hours with an apnea rate of 0.6/hour.) Then I got up early and hopped on the bike. Wow, so much energy available for cycling. And after that, I spend the day on a high, like I was inhaling extra oxygen all day. That "high" feeling has faded a little bit, but it really has become evident that I had been living my life with an ongoing oxygen deficit (that was erased with about five nights on the CPAP.)

There are some personal adjustments that I have not heard anyone mention. My sleep used to be "active" -- with my body regularly gasping for air and adjusting to deal with pokes from an annoyed spouse. Now my body is actually getting rest. The fuzzy feeling was the result of my body getting to be in a dormant state that apnea would not allow. I was unfamiliar with having to wake up out of that state, and read that feeling as negative. It was not, of course, and exercising first thing in the morning has been my way to get my body back to the awake state I want. I do feel different, and I am still understanding what to do with my new-found energy and mental processing speed. It is possible that my well-rested spouse now has to cope with someone who can't keep his mouth shut. I have also noticed a few physiological differences. I think my nighttime digestive processes have slowed (changing my "schedule" for certain bodily functions) and I may be a little stiffer when I get up (because my body moves less at night.)

I know that I feel better rested at this point (2+ weeks into CPAP therapy), but I am also interested in seeing how my body changes and benefits from good quality sleep. It does strike me as odd that the "treatment" I am receiving does not include a more holistic assessment of my health and the presumed benefits (improved brain, cardio-vascular and pulmonary health.) The practice of sleep medicine does seem focused on equipment and compliance. Hopefully, when I finally get a chance to have my follow-up with my sleep doctor, he can extend his assessment beyond my compliance numbers. If not, I think I will seek out my GP to validate that CPAP is providing all the benefits claimed.

In summary, I will say to others just starting with CPAP that it is possible to adapt quickly to this therapy, especially if you relax and give yourself license to be imperfect in your compliance.

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Re: Newbie would like to hear success stories, please.

Post by tiredandscared » Tue May 24, 2016 2:33 am

To cut the story short. CPAP works. The days I dont use cpap. My brain is completely shut off, ill have pangs of anxiety, and my memory will drastically be reduced, and thats even with relatively mild sleep apnea(Ahi 11-12) and desaturation nadir around 86-87 at most with a few minutes below 90%.

I'm still cognitively impaired. For various reasons(some not directly related to OSA brain damage). But im hoping that long term usage and full compliance with the treatment will restore my cognitive function to what it was or to a similar level before I developed OSA.

I encourage new cpap users and those undergoing the process of getting the treatment to stick with it. It took almost 4-5 months after receiving my machine to make the treatment work. Once you figure out how to make it work. It's a fairly convinent treatment. And the risks of not treating OSA outweigh any hassle of using the cpap. Besides life long cognitive deficits that are irreversible(why'd deliberately choose to dumb yourself down over wearing a mask?) you risk hypertension, diabetes, heart failure, stroke, heart issues, ED, hypogonadism.

I'm still far from a success story. But I feel cpap is an essential stepping stone in improving life quality and preventing nasty long term issues that arise from leaving the condition untreated.
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Re: Newbie would like to hear success stories, please.

Post by Mr Gadget » Tue Jun 07, 2016 2:15 pm

Another mask convert here with a long term success story, simply stated it works, but nothing is really that simple. I always knew I snored, and family have as well. But 6+ years ago I was told that I snored like 'a freight train in a tunnel' while on a family vacation. I was learning about Sleep Apnea, as a co-worker had recently done the throat surgery, and I knew that I could wake myself up if I was dozing in a lazyboy type chair. Also had some instances of snoozing at stoplights, but I had always just pushed through my tiredness, not gonna be that lazy person, need to get work done, as it doesn't accomplish itself and no-one is going to carry me through life. I just napped when I could. Crashed hard on weekends, etc. It also was exacerbated by my job, military work is not always 9-5 and can change rapidly. So I asked during a checkup after the vacation if it's something I should check out, so they scheduled me for the sleep study. Simple to say, during that evening, the initial tech woke me up to put on the mask and looked worried, the next morning, the new tech mentioned that the first tech was really worried.

My results, 82 times an hour, I was stopping breathing an average of 80+ times an hour, O2 was dipping, and it had probably been getting worse since I had jaw surgery 13 years previously. I had always slept dead to the world, not much dreaming, never needed to get up to pee, etc. But I just pushed through the exhaustion after sleeping, that military mindset of course. At the Dr. meeting the next week, there was no question I needed the therapy, it took another week for a DME to meet me and set up a system. I can say that it has not been completely easy, and you do have to get used to the hoses, machines, cleaning, noise, (needing power) etc. And there have been days when I've been frustrated with various things, especially starting out. But after the very first night, I woke up the very next morning like I had just had a 2 ton weight lifted off of me, and I even remembered a dream for the first time in a long time. It's been 6 years, 2 machines, various masks, and 3 or 4 different Dr's, but I don't think I've slept without the machine for less than maybe 10 or 20 days in the last 6 years (colds or flu and the full mask just wasn't working, forgot the power adapter cord while traveling, etc), and every single time it has been like having that elephant climb back on me (or on the days I have leak issues).

I choose to wear the mask, for the rest of my life or until something better comes along, because it literally saved my life. But like all challenges, it depends on what you are willing to do, as nothing is perfect; but this new technology is definitively worth it, and I'm grateful we have it. Science makes so many of our lives, so much better than blindly believing others opinions. So don't depend on others opinions, learn about stuff yourself, I've come across 'experts' that know a lot less than I do; but I've also been very grateful to learn from people who know a lot more than I do, as well. And nothing is instant, unlike what "modern" life promises and is shoved down your face with advertising; but modern tech can work, if you always are learning and exploring. A positive mindset (from a confirmed pessimist) can help as well.

Good luck if you're starting down this road.

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Re: Newbie would like to hear success stories, please.

Post by kell420 » Sun Jun 12, 2016 10:58 pm

I was diagnosed 5/2015 with severe obstructive sleep apnea I was told I stopped breathing 50 times an hour sleeping 02 drops to 70 at night while sleeping I knew something was wrong because I woke up with pounding headache. I also had shortness of breath during the daytime all of that went away with CPAP taken me a year to sleep 6 hours with it on I have more energy then sleeping 10 hours before without it. I also lost 30 lbs still working on another 30 lbs of weight loss. When I was diagnosed I was at my all time high weight of 240 lbs I'm only 5'6 I'm down to 195 now making progress. I have accepted that I probably will always need CPAP but I still want to get my weight down to a normal BMI which I'm working on not easy. I still have problems with keeping my mouth shut I was suppose to get a chin strap but I just don't want anymore devices on my face at night so I live with the dry mouth once in awhile even with the leaking air I still sleep okay.

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Re: Newbie would like to hear success stories, please.

Post by egzbuen » Mon Jun 13, 2016 10:28 am

I was diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea in 2010 after going through diagnostics and titration tests. Despite being told by my doctor to get a cpap, I resisted. I said to myself, no way will I be sleeping with that machine attached to me. Heck, I had a hard time sleeping at the sleep lab! More so if I would be using it every night.

Several years passed, I felt several symptoms which would make me go through several tests, trying to figure out what was wrong with me . There were headaches, confusion, brain fog, lethargism, elevated blood pressure and short temper, among others. All of which were not helping me, specially in my profesison being a criminal and corporate litigation lawyer. Went to several different doctors who gave several different opinions and solutions but none worked.

Fast forward 2016, my wife couldn't sleep well anymore due to my loud snorting and snoring which could be heard all the way out of our bedroom. This made me decide to look into OSA again. Had another round of tests and was confirmed to now have severe sleep apnea. I was told to get a cpap machine and set it to cflex 2, humidifier 2, 7cm pressure with ramp on and initial pressure of 4cm.

I went through more than 2 weeks of trial stages using several brands of cpap machines from local providers. At first, I thought, it had no or, perhaps, only little effect on me. But, lo' and behold, when the time was up and I needed to return the trial machines, boom! First day right after the first night without cpap felt like hell. All of a sudden, all my past symptoms came back. So, I said to myself, I really have to seriously accept my situation and immediately purchase a machine for myself.

After much research, together with the invaluable advise from the residents in this forum, I purchased a Respironics 560 and Apex itx for travel and backup. Despite being from Asia, I got everything from CONUS due to the ridiculous cpap prices here in Manila. With the price of an entry level cpap here, I was able to purchase the 2 machines from CONUS with a lot of change to spare.

All in all, I feel a lot better now using my machine. Naturally, and as most of the cpap users here would say, there would be highs and lows, good and bad nights.

Nevertheless, I'm happy I decided to face OSA head on and accept my current predicament. I now feel a lot better than several years back.

With that, would like to thank those who helped me in deciding which machine to get and where to get it. Were it not for you guys, I would not know where I would be now in this fight with OSA.


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Re: Newbie would like to hear success stories, please.

Post by cands » Thu Jun 16, 2016 12:59 am

Earlier this year I finally decided to do something about my apnoea. My partner was really worried about me, saying I snored really loudly and stopped breathing regularly for over a minute. I was also incredibly tired all the time, often sleeping for 11 or more hours a day, including naps.

My overnight sleep study resulted in a diagnosis of severe obstructive sleep apnoea. My API was 58.9, blood oxygen below 90% for 42% of the time with low points of 60% during REM sleep. I was not getting any level 3 or 4 sleep. My longest time without breathing was 90 seconds. I had occasional ectopic heart beats.

The overnight titration study showed remarkable results. API of 2.2, blood oxygen below 90% for 0.6% of time. My prescription is for a pressure of 13cm.

I am 10 days into a 6 week 'buy before you buy' trial: Resmed S10 Autoset. (auto 5-18) I have been 100% compliant with 10 hours per day 'on the hose'.
I noticed the benefit after the first night. The only issue I have is in getting to sleep; it is taking a bit longer than usual. Oh, and of course leaky full face masks; onto my third brand!

I wake up two or three times per night. I assume this is after each REM cycle, based on how I feel at the time. I have no trouble going back to sleep.

I still feel a bit tired during the day, but don't have any trouble concentrating while working. I no longer nap during the day.

My mood has improved considerably. I feel engaged with life. I won't shut up (according to my partner ) I hope this feeling stays with me as it is darned good!

During the last few days I have read this whole thread. It has been very reassuring. (I didn't read the really negative posts) Keep up the good work everyone.

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Re: Newbie would like to hear success stories, please.

Post by rapadron » Sat Jun 18, 2016 11:59 am

ratcfc wrote:I had very severe OSA , and the situation got much worse approx 15 months ago. I noticed that I had lost a lot of stamina, was putting on weight, and was just struggling to get through a full day of work. I used to get up on weekends and do things in the morning...and in the last 6 months I have basically been unable to wake up on saturday mornings, and have needed naps all through the weekend just to recover from the lack of sleep during the week.

I finally got on CPAP using the FP Ikon+ and Resmed nose only mask this monday. I felt immediate improvement in my energy, ability to concentrate, and general wakefulness. After the fourth day, I noticed a transformation in my mood and energy, and also noticed that my senses were sharper. Food tasted better. Music sounded better. Exercise was easier and the endorphins felt stronger. I was...happier. My acid reflux has reduced significantly as well

It's early days so I dont want to jinx anything but I am very greatful,

I do still wake up a couple of times when the air pressure gets a little too much and I have to press the bridge button, and I seem to be grinding my teeth a little, but I am going to monitor this over the next few weeks to see how it goes.

This is my very first post. This is definitely a new chapter in my life. however, like ratcfc here. I felt a huge improvement to my overall feeling and wakefulness. I had difficulty waking up in the morning, my wife used to get so annoyed and I kept telling here that I really could not get up and she thought I was making it all up...

After only 2 days I feel amazing and like many posters here in this thread feel like crap because they let their OSA ride for so long. I'm truly amazed at how different I feel from 2 days ago. I truly felt like a zombie compared to how I feel now. All I can comment on now is the difference of how I feel. Im will be checking back to report after a month or so regarding the acid reflux and such. so far my wife says I haven't snored in 2 days. my AHI went from 63 to 2.5 the first night to .5 the second night.

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Re: Newbie would like to hear success stories, please.

Post by Arlene1963 » Mon Jun 20, 2016 2:17 am

Honestly, I fought XPAP at first. Maybe it's because I never felt unwell or tired from OSA and was very angry about having been diagnosed with it ... I follow a fairly healthy lifestyle and so it was a shock.

The way that OSA is presented by the medical community definitely implies that OSA is partly controllable with lifestyle changes, and there is a strong undercurrent of blaming the patient for this condition.

Even though I wasn't overweight at the time of diagnosis, the very first recommendation in my sleep report stated unequivocally that " weight loss is the best way of controlling OSA and reducing AHI."

So, I lost about 5kg over a few months, which reduced my weight by about 10%, and I added additional exercise to my already fairly active life.

Even bought a didgeridoo for Pete's sake (only frightened the cats!) this I regret!

But eventually I decided to just "do it" and literally suck it up.

Some nights I only wore the mask for 4 hours, other nights for longer. I decided not to make it any harder than I needed to, so I didn't punish myself with angry recriminations if I didn't do the full 7 or 8 hours per night.

Ironically this made me use the machine for longer and longer each night, and with greater success.

ETA: I'm updating this again several months forward to add that the most important thing I learned here is to take control of my own therapy, not to rely on anyone else to do this, and to make changes to my entire life. This doesn't just involve a magic AHI number, but sleep hygiene, stress management, a healthy diet, exercise and weight management. But CPAP enables all this.

So stick with it if you can because it isn't always an overnight process but with time it gets easier.

Be gentle on yourself and know that XPAP is the one of the best gifts you can give your health (emotional and physical) in the long run.
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Re: Newbie would like to hear success stories, please.

Post by Caymangirl » Tue Jul 05, 2016 6:48 pm

I would say "on my way to success" since I have only been using my CPap for 10 months. In that 10 months I have never missed a night, simply because for me I know it's life with the CPap or the alternative. As I read these stories I can see so much of my own pre and post CPap life reflected in them. But I know I am getting better, BP is lower, depression is better more energy, etc. The support of forums like these is very important, before I found these forums I really felt isolated, uneducated and alone. In two days I have learned so much, including that I needed to replace some parts and filters! Now I need to learn the terms like AHi and how to read my machine.

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Re: Newbie would like to hear success stories, please.

Post by jaw » Thu Jul 21, 2016 10:56 pm

3 months 21 days here on CPAP, pressure around 8.

Visible: less sleepy around noon.
Less visible: feeling of brain fogginess / weirdness at 10:00 AM.

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> 15 years of Apnea, discovered in 2016 with AHI = 50
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Re: Newbie would like to hear success stories, please.

Post by radiowriter » Tue Jul 26, 2016 7:32 pm

I guess I'm lucky, in that adapting to the mask was no trouble. And though I've been called a "mouth-breather," I think that was a comment on my basic intelligence; I seem to sleep with my mouth closed.
Diagnosed a couple of years ago. Using a ResMed S9...and I was amazed at how much better I felt the very first morning of use.
Now, if I forget to 'strap up' and doze off while reading...I wake up a few hours later tired and achy.
Again, I guess I'm lucky because whatever the damn machine was set on when delivered worked for me. It was SO worth it.