O2 sat test question

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Re: O2 sat test question

Post by torontoCPAPguy » Sat Apr 21, 2012 1:11 am

88% SpO2 is indeed respiratory distress by definition and is NOT a good thing. But I would have to think that some supplementary oxygen will bring your SpO2 up sufficiently to give you some 'breathing room' in making an ultimate decision as to the course you need to take (pardon the pun). I would get myself an oxygen concentrator and infuse 4-5L/M into my airline. Get a Contec pulse oximeter (rechargeable/recording) and tape it on the finger for the night to see how your blood oxygen is doing. You want it up around 95% ideally and mine runs even higher than that all night. I dont know what kind of data you are getting from your APAP but you want to gather it up, match it up with your SPO2 readings through the night and see if there is any corelation between any suspected events and your SpO2 drops. A Plummeting SpO2 will result in a skyrocketing BP which is prime for a stroke, especially if you have any other issues that are being masked like Atrial Fibrillation or congestive heart failure due to lack of oxygenation. (It is a dog chasing its tail that one is).

Get the SpO2 UP and do it right now. Don't fart around with this while waiting for MDs.

There are plenty of solutions to the problem out there but the first thing to do is get yourself oxygenated. Then you can work on other things in order of priority. And there will be a solution for you, rest assured.

It took them two years to discover my aFib and start treating it (I have a long road yet); it has been suggested that if I had not taken it upon myself to be proactive and get oxygen infused into my airline, I might not be here fighting this battle. One of the issues with aFib, congestive heart failure, lack of oxygenation of the vital organs, is quite simply the forming of blood clots and/or plaque that high BP at night will break off and depending on where they come to rest may kill you..... at the very least they will result in situations that you simply do not want to be in.

I am off to bed, nosebag on, O2 infused, and will sleep like a log and not have to wake up in the AM until I want to. I love Saturday and Sunday mornings.. they are glorious. Unless the dog has to go out and pee. Then I have to wake up and poke the wife.

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Additional Comments: Respironics Everflo Q infusing O2 into APAP line to maintain 95% SaO2; MaxTec Maxflo2 Oxygen Analyzer; Contec CMS50E Recording Pulse Oxymeter
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Re: O2 sat test question

Post by Sparky223 » Sat Apr 28, 2012 9:07 pm

I was able to read my new card today. My leak rate is high. I wonder if I am opening my mouth? Hard to tell.