What caused you to seek medical help,....

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Re: What caused you to seek medical help,....

Post by Sigridonocturna » Tue Nov 14, 2017 2:00 pm

More than 3 years ago, I asked another physician if I had Sleep Apnea. Categorically said no. Fast forward and new group noted slightly high Red Blood count, not alarming, but off and odd. So Hematology started looking for potential cancer causing blood to make more RBC than normal. (Had just stopped donating blood once a quarter.) So after all those tests came back normal, she suggested sleep apnea. Home test was only significant for less than 80% oxygenation for less than 5 minutes, not much more useful data, as it kept falling apart when I attempted to sleep. (Even woke up with a new bruise from where machine landed!) So off to a sleep lab, which went well considering sleep wise (Outside conditions) were among the worst, warm, windy etc. Next day filled with multiple power outages. So within one week, they said yes I needed a machine. Hoping to have the doc explain the sleep lab results. Returned to hematologist, who said RBC count was better, but still high, and when was I getting the approved machine "in-house"? It turns out my one donation in Oct lowered RBC count, DR didn't want count to fall even more by another donation at the same time as cpap started. I donated on a Monday, and my machine arrived the following Saturday. Been using it 5 Nov. just working through the learning curve. Thanks.

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Re: What caused you to seek medical help,....

Post by MoodyMolly » Tue Nov 14, 2017 2:26 pm

I was seeing a pulmonologist (who also happened to be a sleep specialist) for unrelated breathing issues. And in case it was relevant to my breathing issues, I told him how I would wake up suddenly in the night, with a racing heart, gasping for breath, and feeling light-headed as though my brain wasn't getting oxygen. Right away he said that he could order me a sleep study if I wanted, even though I didn't have the markers for sleep apnea, as I'm not overweight, male, have a large neck, nor was I over 40. But my dad, aunt and 2 uncles all have sleep apnea, so it was likely that I could anyway. I declined because I wanted to figure out my other breathing issues first before adding another reason for doctor visits (and no insurance...) But a few weeks later, I was taking muscle relaxers for a back problem, and my husband noticed as I was falling asleep, that I stopped breathing every 30 seconds for about 14 seconds, until he woke me up to tell me that I wasn't breathing. I called the doctor, and told him I wanted the sleep study after all, and I had an study scheduled for 2 weeks later. 4 weeks after the sleep study, (and 6wks after my request for a sleep study) I had my diagnosis of moderate sleep apnea and got an APAP machine, and here I am 1.5 weeks into my therapy. Luckily for me, my doctor and clinic were proactive and worked fast, it looks like it took a lot of you months before you got answers and treatment.

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Re: What caused you to seek medical help,....

Post by nicholasjh1 » Tue Nov 14, 2017 2:47 pm

Julie wrote:Never sleepy for a minute, but my now ex told me I stopped breathing, only eventually giving a big gasp, plus had little a.m. headaches, and wild dreams just in the last couple of mos. before dx'g. Also had little night sweats though I was recently over otherwise uneventful menopause.
Interesting to hear someone else have that... I never had much falling asleep issues either... at least not unless I was sick, just constantly fatigue, nocturia, foggy thinking. I was diagnosed with sever apnea, but I believe that may only have been "some" nights... (I had a cold during my diagnosis.) but I felt immediate relief the first night of treatment. I also live in a high altitude, so I think the lower pressure may have been causing desats with hypopnea.

Edit: oh, and it was on a regular checkup for depression, My doc had mentioned apnea before, and my x girlfriend had mentioned not breathing. I just finally gave in and took the home test (or maybe I had to convice my doc the home test was where it was at.) I had been balking at the sleep study for almost a year due to the cost. Wish I had just pushed for the home study sooner.
Instead of Sleep apnea it should be called "Sleep deprivation starving of oxygen, being poisoned by high CO2 levels, damaging the body and brain while it's supposed to be healing so that you constantly get worse and can never get healthy Apnea"

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Re: What caused you to seek medical help,....

Post by Muse-Inc » Tue Nov 14, 2017 2:50 pm

I felt so bad I thought I was on my way to dying. Exhausted for many years, doc didn't catch apnea because...well, woman HAHAHAHAHA -- idiot. Changed docs and first visit, my BP was 215/110 (usually 65-70/55 runs in family), queries me re exhaustion, big black undereyes -- says he suspects sleep apnea. Asks if I know what it is, I say I know how to spell it LOL. Given name of sleep doc to get scheduled with, great doc. Started sleeping with baby monitor and on side, 4 mos later sleep study shows severe & I become a hosehead -- that was Aug 2007. Have not intentionally slept without equipment sInce then. Yearly AHI is 0.1. I remember how exhausted I was, incredible I was functional. Too, I discovered how compromised my thinking had been and how that compromised my verbal fluency (not good in a user liaison & design meeting moderator). BP mostly normal now, stress shoots systolic up. I can exercise now, before I couldn't. Seldom get sleepy in daytime unless stressed. No more short term memory problems.

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