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Connector Tip for Freedom Travel Battery Pack for CPAP Machines (1 Pack)

The BPS Connector Tip for the Freedom Travel Battery Pack for CPAP Machines (1 Pack) attaches to the DC pigtail cord which connects to the device, allowing the CPAP to draw power from the battery. Please Note: This purchase includes one connector tip only.

There are a variety of individual connector tips because they vary in size in order to pair directly with specific machines.

  • Connector Tip J pairs with the PB Goodnight 420 Series of Machines
  • Connector Tip N pairs with the PR System One 50 Series Machines, Respironics M Series Machines, and DeVilbiss IntelliPAP Machines
  • Connector Tip W pairs with the PR System One 60 Series Machines

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Product Challenge News (View All)

05-25-2010 Product Challenge 12 Results Announced
  Results from the 12th CPAPtalk Product Challenge are in and available to the public. We appreciate everyone who took the time to enroll.

04-20-2010 PC12: Battle of the Gels
  Product Challenge 12 is now open for enrollment. PC12 has the ResMed SoftGel Nasal Mask challenging the Respironics ComfortGel Nasal Mask.

Volunteers will be accepted starting today. If you currently use the ComfortGel Nasal mask please enroll. We look forward to posting the results once completed.

If you do not qualify for this Product Challenge please check back later as there will be more CPAPtalk Product Challenges in the future.

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10-06-2009 PC11 Results Available
  The Eleventh Product Challenge has ended and the results are in! See whether the FullLife, the newest mask from Respironics, had what it takes to beat the Quattro from ResMed.


CPAP Interviews (View All)

Respironics C-Flex, Remstar Auto with C-Flex, Remstar Pro 2 with C-Flex Interview
Select Respironics' REMstar devices incorporate our patented C-Flex technology. C-Flex addresses one of the main obstacles to patient compliance: pressure intolerance. C-Flex lowers the pressure level at the beginning of exhalation, returning to set p

Review: Hybrid Universal Full Face Mask
The release of the Hybrid mask was highly anticipated by the sleep apnea community, as an innovative solution to common difficulties with existing cpap masks, including mouth leaks, mask comfort, and problems with large, unwieldy interfaces. Teleflex was