12 volt power cord Remstart pro

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12 volt power cord Remstart pro

Post by geestman » Sat Jan 15, 2005 2:46 am

The Remstar pro consumes maximum 36W per hour at 12VDC
with a pressure of maximum 16 cm. This is without other attachments.

Does any body have experience how long the Remstar pro can run
on a start aid of 400A (battery approx. 16AH) and 600A and
on battery of 40AH or let say 80AH.

Please specify the time that it can run safely without damaging the
Remstar pro or the battery.

In your reply specify following:

Equipment used
Total Watt at 12V DC
Pressure of CPAP
Capacity of battery or start aid.

Any other info might be very usefull for the users in the Netherlands
(which are your allies in the war against terror as you might know)

If you have a cheap solution for the 12V power cord also let me know.
If you have a spare one please contact me to mail it to me.
I will of course pay for it.

Thank in advance for your contribution and only react with facts
and no quick conclusions.

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Regards from the Netherlands.

We desparately need some C PAP TALK from you.

Richard A.F. Geestman (Ghostman@freeler.nl)